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  1. Hi! Thanks for your reply, actually I've just noticed it since it is my first post and the settings were not sending an email to notify me about an answer to my post. I'm not using Pertasim, but the executable file and the ASCII input files. If you still think you can take a look at that I could send it to your email address. Thanks in advance!
  2. Dear all, I'm doing some simulations with TOUGHREACT of reactive transport with mixed equilivrium-kinetics of mineral precipitation in a porous medium. In these simulations, I do not want to update flow properties with porosity changes, but only to monitor the porosity changes. To this end, I've been using the variable KCPL = 2 thinking of course that this would yield equivalent results to the case with KCPL = 0 (only that the output would inform me of how the porosity would change). However, when using KCPL = 0 (disabling porosity change effects), the simulations go in a different way. With KCPL = 0 the simulation takes a lot more time and the results look different than the case with KCPL = 2 (I rechecked the input and the only difference between the two is the KCPL value. I was wondering what is the difference in the calculations when choosing KCPL = 0 or 2 and if there should be any difference at all in the results between KCPL = 0 or 2?? Has anybody experienced this already? Thanks in advance!