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  1. When i create a i-data solid model for my 13 boreholes, the shape of model is block. how can i have a model with topography surface come from boreholes elevations that i entered in every borehole location > elevation ? thank you
  2. I have some data from 13 boreholes, these data are Lugeon numbers for discribing permeability of a zone. i have one lugeon number from almost every 5 meters in every borholes, for example in borehole number 1, from depth 2 to 7 meters(depth from ground surface of that borehole)lugeon number for permeability is 2.5, so how can i import these data for modeling the permeability of this zone? i tried i-data and p-data but both of them don't have distance for a variable in boreholes.
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