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  1. Error in colors model

    I looked at the g-value and it was checked so here are the files. Thanks for the quick response as always. Archive002.zip
  2. Error in colors model

    I'm getting this error when trying to create a colors model. I'm not really sure which parameter needs to be changed in order to get it to run. bugreport.txt
  3. Can I import a geologic map such as an autocad dxf file and use it in my lithology model? I'm looking to get a more accurate representation of the lithology contacts on my cross-sections?
  4. Can you import a geologic map into rockworks from autocad and use this map to better create a lithology model that has better defined contacts that are not just based off of borehole data?
  5. Thanks. I knew it had to be an easy process.
  6. How can you create a lower surface for a lithology model when you have a grid based map for the upper surface? I just wanted to offset the upper surface down by 200 or 300 feet.
  7. Thanks for the help. Now I have another question. I created a grid based off the residules and then used the grid math function to add it to my original grid. Now that I have this new grid, I tried to use it for my lithology model. In the lithology model I selected upper surface (grid) filter and used the grid I just created. The problem is my surface displays as completely flat. I also created a section from this and got the same problem.
  8. Hello, I imported a dxf from autocad in order to create a grid based map. Now that I have the map based grid I wanted to have my borehole elevations match up with these new elevations. I went through the case study on adjusting DEM grids to fit measured elevations but when I tried to get the residules I got an error saying that I didn't have a grid. Is there a differece between a map based grid and a grid and if so can I turn my map based grid into grid? Thanks.