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    Error in colors model

    I looked at the g-value and it was checked so here are the files. Thanks for the quick response as always. Archive002.zip
  2. I'm getting this error when trying to create a colors model. I'm not really sure which parameter needs to be changed in order to get it to run. bugreport.txt
  3. Can I import a geologic map such as an autocad dxf file and use it in my lithology model? I'm looking to get a more accurate representation of the lithology contacts on my cross-sections?
  4. Can you import a geologic map into rockworks from autocad and use this map to better create a lithology model that has better defined contacts that are not just based off of borehole data?
  5. Thanks. I knew it had to be an easy process.
  6. How can you create a lower surface for a lithology model when you have a grid based map for the upper surface? I just wanted to offset the upper surface down by 200 or 300 feet.
  7. Thanks for the help. Now I have another question. I created a grid based off the residules and then used the grid math function to add it to my original grid. Now that I have this new grid, I tried to use it for my lithology model. In the lithology model I selected upper surface (grid) filter and used the grid I just created. The problem is my surface displays as completely flat. I also created a section from this and got the same problem.
  8. Hello, I imported a dxf from autocad in order to create a grid based map. Now that I have the map based grid I wanted to have my borehole elevations match up with these new elevations. I went through the case study on adjusting DEM grids to fit measured elevations but when I tried to get the residules I got an error saying that I didn't have a grid. Is there a differece between a map based grid and a grid and if so can I turn my map based grid into grid? Thanks.
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