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  1. The above link doesn't work. I am encountering the same problems, even with my antivirus/firewall switched off. Some days it works fine, other days even with reinstallation or restarting my computer, it fails to startup. Olivia
  2. I am using GWB 8 and since I installed it, it has worked fine for a few days then refused to start up even when the HASP key is plugged in and lit up. It displays a message saying "Cannot find license file". This happened once, so after restarting my computer several times, I reinstalled GWB and it has been working fine for about a week, but today the same thing has happened. I downloaded the update from the website but it seems to have made no difference. I am using Windows Vista Business, and none of the GWB programmes work prior to reinstallation. Is there anything I can do to stop this happening again? Thank you Olivia
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