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  1. HydroGeo Analyst

    Is there a way to copy a station in HGA with all the corresponding data? I created some stations manually in HydroGeo Analyst and as there are more stations with nearly the same details I would like to duplicate them and do some minor changes afterwards. I am able to duplicate rows in the station data but not a whole station. Thanks in advance!
  2. HydroGeo Analyst - 3D Explorer

    Thank you very much! That was the solution to the problem.
  3. I started using Hydro GeoAnalyst last week and have added my own list of material specification. In the cross section it is shown perfectly, but when I start the 3D Explorer it opens a blank window and no cross section is loaded. While using for example the material specification of DIN 4023 it works out perfectly. Can anybody help me with this problem? Do I have to change any settings for using my own list? I used .jpg pictures for the soil material, if that is any help. Thank you in advance!