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  1. grade control calculation

    Dear sir I have a 2 questions in volumetrices > extract solid in mining application. 1- what does maximum slope represent (ore dipping-bench angel-mine slope)? 2- if i want to draw an road for pit after excavation how to do this? thanks
  2. Resource Status maps

    Hi,, I have same mentioned post by Wiaan,I have some boreholes and trenches data in gold mine trenches are in same distances from each other but interval between boreholes is not systematic and also sampling interval not systematic ,I do i data model then I try to calculate reserve by I-Data Volumetrics please help me in this work. thanks Deyaaeldeen
  3. grade control calculation

    Many thanks for your reply. regards
  4. grade control calculation

    I saved the polygon and I filtered the soild model.but which best method for modeling (inverse distace Anisotropic or Inverse distance weighting) I use rockwork 15 thanks
  5. grade control calculation

    Dear Mr.Tomb Thanks for helping problem solved,sorry for un attach photo beacuase of bad internet signal.. regards Deyaaeldeen Mohammed Sahara Mining company .Ltd Geologist 00249995369943
  6. grade control calculation

    Hi, I've xyzg data of holes by depth 2.5m for all holes inside mine .G= gold content . I draw ore limits by polygon in 2d map, how I calculate average grade of ore body that I bounded by polygon(see attached photo) thanks
  7. block models and variograms

    Hi Mr.Tom B thanks for your help I'll try to do steps for dividing solid model,and view the variogram regards
  8. block models and variograms

    hi 1st ,I used rockware15 and I build solid model for xyzg data for mining purpose.I need to divide to solid model to blocks how I do this by rockware. second I do girdding for g values for the above data by kriging method to get variogram model.but the out put of variogram is 2d GRD file not 3d MOD.how to display the out put of variogram in 3d mod thanks Deyaaeldeen Geologist at Sahara gold mining
  9. How To Reactivate the Program

    good afternoon, iam waiting to send reset code for installation number 5R-C1BFD-2461-11100 rock ware 15
  10. How To Reactivate the Program

    dear sir'madam good evening" i'm new member and i have problem when i installed rock ware 15 and i do uninstall program.second installing the program apply reset code ! i have installing number 5R-C1BFD-2461-11100 . this program is trail version i want to test it and learn it and in near future i need to use purchase version. please help me to reset program and install it.