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  1. Molly, Thank you, I was importing .las files. The inclination issue took care of everything!
  2. I am new to RockWorks which is likely the biggest issue. I am trying to plot multiple deviated wells drilled on the same pad, and some of the wells are out of the same hole (sidetracks due to drilling failure). 1) When I plot in either RockPlot 2D or 3D, it seems that the wells are being plotted backwards. If I select depth values to be shown, the portions of the well closer to ground surface (i.e., what should be lower measured depth values), are graphed as having greater MD values whereas the end of the well is plotted with lowest MD values. The stratigraphy is also reversed. 2)Wells that are drilled out of the same hole with multiple deviated spurs are not lining up. This may be because of the reverse plotting, but until that is solved, I will not know. The vertical section of my wells should line up, with the deviated sections traveling off in slightly different directions. Instead, the ends of the wells overlap, leaving the vertical portion (going up to ground surface) separated from one another, again with low depths depicted at the end and high depths depicted closer to ground surface. What am I doing wrong? I am using RockWorks 14. Thanks!
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