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  1. Seas

    Interactive data entry

    Thanks Molly, I'l perservere...btw the compiled logs are excellent and leave my previous manually drawn logs for dead! Regards Jim
  2. Our business acquires and logs vibrocores(soft sediment cores) each up to 6m in length. A typical job may acquire 100 - 200 cores which we describe analyse and create logplot7 logs for. I currently log on paper then enter the data via a multilog Excel spreadsheet and then import the file to LP7...it would be far more efficient if I could enter the data interactively ie display my log template click where i want a symbol and add it to the plot. Similarly to be able to 'draw' a grainsize curve for instance, rather than entering specific data points into a table. Ideally this would be done on a tablet. Any thoughts?
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