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  1. Dear All It is possible to create a cylinder by editing boundry. If I select regular mesh type a circular boundary appears but the recrangular portion still reamains active. If I select the poligonal mesh type, the circle is divided into many meshes. I want the circular part as single mesh. If anyone have Idea please suggest me. Aarsyad if you could please share how you solved your problem? Thanks in advance Deb
  2. Mesh size

    Hi Everyone, Do you have any idea about the size of mesh in calcite precipitation reaction? Is there any equations related to mesh size with other properties? I am having a problem, my simulation gives very large change in porosity in first mesh and the change in porosity in the last meshes are negligible. Somebody may have same problem please share your ideas I will be very thankful. Deb
  3. Dear all Does somebody have idea, what is the activation energy and rate constant of calcite. I looked at the pertasim manual it gives these value of all minerals except calcite (there table cells for calcite is empty). Where can I get these values. Thank in advance. Deb
  4. Thanks a lot. Again, which optiion I need to use to combine the results of initial run and run after restart?
  5. Hi, from Deb. I am new user of Petrasim. I am trying to simulate the precipitation of calcite. When I use the restart option, how does it works? will it itself change the initial and boundary water parameters? Or we need to change the initial and boundary water parameters in Zone data? After using the restart option it gives the result after the restart time( I am injecting the solution for 30 mins and restarting the program for 24 hour). But the restarted program does not give the result before 30 mins and only gives the result after 30 mins. I have also used another option in which the solution can be injected in table form in boundary condition,,, by doing so I don't need to use restart option and also the result is continious from 0 to 24 hour. But I want to know whether these two option gives same result or not? Thanks in Advance Peace Deb