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  1. Building a lithology model repeatedly gives me the error message "Access violation at address 0059F590 in module 'RW2004.exe'. Read of address ... " Always the same access violation address, although the other varies. I can't see that it is a memory issue, as the interpolation etc. proceeds fairly quickly. I've also tried decreasing the project dimensions and model resolution (the required memory is way below the available memory, and the Windows performance monitor shows that the memory use is minimal). I've tried proof reading all my entries, but I can only assume there is some glaring typo in the lithology somewhere that I haven't spotted, where I have a 500m thick deposit in a 10m deep borehole, or a deposit is described as snad instead of sand. Is this the case, or is it something more fundamental/serious/irritating? Ken
  2. Error messages importing DXF's

    I've not had that problem myself, but to get round it, you could try converting the dxf files to xyz files (there are quite a few free converter programs floating about - there's a free one on the Rockworks website somewhere). That would at least check your dxf's are correctly formatted (have you had a look at them in a text editor to see if there is a problem?). The other thing is how are you generating your OS dxfs? I've successfully imported OS landline data in dxf, but haven't tried MasterMap (there shouldn't be a difference, but you never know). If you have ArcView, you could try converting your dxfs to shape files and importing them that way. Ken
  3. I am trying to pick contacts on a 130 borehole array. If I leave the base of the lowest formations blank (because I most certainly am not reaching the base of these formations), I get the following error messages when I try to build a 3D model: Kriging error #1023 (Unable to start simplex) followed by I/O error 103. Assuming the I/O error is caused by the kriging error, what is causing the kriging error? It does not occur if I enter the base fo the formation as the final depth of the boreholes. Ken