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  1. Trying to create a 2-dimensional profile of logs that are not all vertical. Borehole deviations look correct at a 1x vertical exaggeration but then look "smeared" after choosing a higher VE. Can't figure out why it's doing this. Attached a pdf of the 2D section at a VE of 10x. Rockplot - test.pdf
  2. Creating a new project

    I thought that was the case but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Creating a new project

    Can I use a RockWorks17 project in RockWorks16? Do I need to convert the .sqlite to a .mdb or does RockWorks do that for me? Thanks!
  4. dxf export error

    Exported a 2D striplog as a dxf. When loaded into CAD the following error message appears: "corrupt or incomplete file", and the image can't be opened. Similar 2D striplogs were exported with no problems. When I open the error text message that is saved in my RW project folder, it's blank. Thanks for your help! Allison
  5. scientific notation

    Is it possible to force RW to use scientific notation? Trying to show values in I-Data as text. Values show up as 0.000151 when I would rather it show up as 1.5E-04. Thanks!
  6. Borehole manager - borehole name fonts

    I'll give that a try. Thank you!
  7. having an issue with the size of the borehole name fonts in the borehole manager. The fonts changed and are now unreadable (see below). Is there a way to modify the font size?
  8. striplog water level

    How do you show water levels above ground surface. Will the symbols data table in the borehole manager accept positive (above gs) values?
  9. Multiple log 3-D plotting

    Sometimes when I run a multiple log 3-D plot I get the following error messages: "Error in Draw World Grid. Out of Memory" and " Rockplot 3-D registry reference settings may be corrupted". Is this a memory issue or something else? Also not all borelog titles appear in the 3-D view. Is this a problem with spacing? Can it be corrected?