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  1. Dear all, I am new to RockWorks and am not very skilled with it yet. It is because of this that I post my question here, hoping that one of the more skilled members of these forums can help. The problem I am having is as follows: For a marine construction project, I am trying to calculate the volume of several stratigraphic units that are located within the bounds of a specific design (so I know what volume of each unit has to be removed). I have already entered the stratigraphic data (as boreholes) and constructed a (box-shaped, regional) stratigraphic model constrained (at the top) by the local bathymetry. From this point on however I have no clue what to do next. My next step should probably be to intersect the design (available in grid-form) with the stratigraphic model so that only the volume contained within the model remains. However, I have as of yet not found a tool that seems to be able to do this. Could someone who knows how to do this please inform me? Thank you in advance! Regards, John
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