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  1. Hello, When I try to start ReportWorks I get an error message and i can't do anything. The bugreport is attached. Thank you Benjamin bugreport.txt
  2. Hello, Currently I am working with Rockworks 15 on my desktop PC and it takes a lot of time for the modlling of solid models and the rendering of the 3D Pictures. I have Windows 7, 32bit, 4GB Ram, 2.5 GHz. In the next weeks we will propably get a new order were we have to handel a lot of data. So I am thinking about to upgrade my hardware and to buy a notebook were i can also work with Rockworks. Do you have any recommendations/specifications for a good and fast desktop PC and a powerfull Laptop? Will Rockworks 15 run faster on Windows 7 with 64bit? What kind of graphic chip can you recommend for a Notebook? Will an Intel core I7 run better than an I5? Is 4GB Ram enough or will i fell a diference with 6 or 8 GB Ram? Thank you very much. Benjamin
  3. Hello everybody, For the resource estimation of a brine deposit i have to calculate the brine volume within an Aquifer. And also the brine volume with a certain chemical compositions (e.g. Volume of the Brine with Potassium between 1.8 to 5 g/l). So I have two constrains: 1. Distribution of the porosity with in the aquifer and 2. the distribution of e.g. Potassium. I made a solid model according to the chemical composition. So that I can calculate the Volume of an “ore body” with Potassium between 1.8 to 5 g/l. But the problem is that the brine occurs only in the pore space of the ore body. That means if the porosity would be the same e.g. 10% I could take the volume of the ore body and multiplied it with 0.1. But the porosity with in the ore bodie is different. I was thinking to make another solid model in accordance to the porosity distribution and the use the function “Math” Model&Model. But then this will only change the G-Value and not the Volume. Is there any possibility to multiply the volume of a solid model with different G-Values with an other solid model? Any ideas? Thank you for your help. Best regards Benjamin
  4. Hello everybody, I have the follwing problems: 1.) I have to calculate the (in-situ) birne reservs of a sub surface salt lake. I have the groundwaterlevel from boreholes so i can use the Aquifer Model to get a volumen. But now i would like to blend it with the concession area of a company. For a Solid Model it would work with the option: SOLID-FILTE-POLYGON CLIP. Is there a posibility to do the same with an Aquifer Model? 2.) A little bit more complicated to explane: So now I have the aquifer and within this aquifer i have chemical analyses from different depth (similar to core samples from rocks) I used the P-Data option to save this analyses. Now i can use the P-data Model to calculate e.g. the volume of Li with different conzentrations. So but now i would again like to calculate just the volume within the concession area and the aquifer (after belnding with the concession area). For that i think i could use the Upper Surface Filter, Lower Surface Filter and Polygon Filter at the Solid modeling options. But i would need the Upper Surface and the Lower Surface from my Aquifer after blending/clip with the concession area. Is this possible? I have attached a screenshot to explain my problem. Thank you (I hop you could understand my questions) Benjamin
  5. Hello I am a new user of Rockworks. When i try to load an previosly saved .rcl file to creat 2d strip-log i get an error message - see attached. could you please help me. Thank you, Benni bugreport_rcl.txt