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  1. This sounds about right. I went ahead and updated RW, and indeed the shapefile did export with the data, so there we go. thanks Molly- -joe k
  2. Molly- The Node values (G-value) are between 1.0 and 10.0 according to the report (see attached) I am running RW 15, Revision 2010.7.2. I did notice that I can update that, which I will shortly, but I am thinking that may not help. I reran the model making sure that I had the volumetrics tab toggled on and still no G-values. do you want me to send you the shapefile or the LithMod file? thanks- -joe LithReport.txt
  3. I have attached a jpg, I wasn't in full editor last post. so see attached jpg of ArcScene. thanks- -joe
  4. Molly- I am exporting a 3d Litho model as a layer, however, I have noticed that there are no data in the (value) G-value field when I export the model. Am I missing something? I tried to paste the jpeg into this post to no avail, needless to say, the values are all reading 0. thanks in advance- -joe k
  5. Joe K

    Transparency Issues

    Thank you Tom for the speedy response. As it turns out, the problem is not in the draped (or floating) image it is actually a property of the solid model. Specifically, I had the filter enabled which for what ever reason places a layer (color of the background) right below the floating/draped image. by disabling that filter, I was able to get a good transparency for my model. Since it is a lithology model, this will only become an issue if I am looking to show only types of lithology. Thanks again Tom -joe
  6. I notice that when draping or floating a graphic (tiff) over my 3d model that I have to choose a color. Since the idea behind transparency is to see what is behind, or below as this case may be, how can I set the transparency color to equal null. The problem is that when you set your transparency to the lower values it leaves a white square over my model. Is there a way to get around this so I can reference my aerial photo my underlying model? Any ideas would be great, thanks- -joe
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