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  1. Thank you so much Alison for your explanations, best regards
  2. Hi, I am experiencing this very strange behaviour of the software. I am currently running a steady state model. I need to compare simulation results (eg. temperature) with well data. I have created wells into the model, and in the print options I checked the "print time dependent..." option. At the moment the wells are "not active", since they don't have prodution data. At the end of my steady state simulation I cannot plot data related to the wells. From Results > Well Plots > Could not load reasults. Results file not found From 3D results > File > Line plot > I cannot plot cell values from wells (could not load results). The only option that is actually working is the "interpolate" along the well path. Is this a bug of the software or something am I missing in the setup of the model? EDIT: this is not working neither with my current model nor with all my previuos models, so I guess this is not stricly related to my current model, but with the software itself Thanks in advance Valentina
  3. Hello, I am experiencing this very "strange" (at least to me) behaviour of Petrasim 2017 x64 on a windows 10 machine . I have run a simulation to obtain the natural state of my case-study area, and it went fine. After that, I have loaded the results of the natural state simulation in a new model (actually a copy of the previous) as initial condition. On this model, I am performing a transient simulation with production and reinjection wells. Production and reinjection data are provided as table data. Rates of production and injection vary over the time between 0 (zero) and a specified flow rate. Enthalpy of injection varies as well over the time. The transient simulation results are not satisfactory to me, since the software has print & plot almost only during positive well production and injection rates, while I need also zero flow rates in the outputs. So, I modified in the output controls the "print & plot every #steps" value, to try to have printed values with positive and zero flow rates. I was really surprised that during the simulation, I got errors "eos cannot find parameters" on some cells. The simulation did NOT halted prematurely, but I got errors that I did not have in the previous simulation. I also tried to manually add some "additional print & plot times", But I can only add 100 times (I will need at least 200) The stranger thing is that since I am only changing output controls like print & plot, it seems to affect the entire simulation. Delta times change, simulation are faster or slower, I got errors in cells only if I use some particular "print & plot every #steps" values, and I really cannot understand why. In Petrasim manual I didn't find anything, can someone help me. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, it's me again. I'm still experiencing this problem. I don't really know how to import a temperature file to load into the initial conditions. I've tried different ways but without success. Any help would be really appreciated, Best regards Vale
  5. Hello everyone! I have a simple rectangular model with EOS1. In the initial conditions panel, I need to import temperatures from a file. That is because I have not a linear gradient, but a polynomial one (third order). So my idea was to import a .TXT file with depth versus temperature as initial conditions, since petrasim does not allow polynomial functions. I've tried to insert a linear function but the temperature does not really fix with the real ones. I wrote a simple .txt file that looks like this: (depth vs T) 1500 15 500 25 -300 100 -6000 400 When I try to load the file, I get an error "Unknown Error: No Data Loaded". I've also tried to invert the columns, T vs depth but the result is the same. I used space, tab, comma to separate the columns, but nothing has worked. Which is the right way to write the .txt file to import in the initial conditions? I used absolute values for the elevations (meters a.s.l) and °C for the temperature. Thank you Best regards
  6. Hi, I am experiencing the same problem again. I removed the loaded initial conditions with the procedure that you have posted before: it works, but the software still loads automatically initial conditions in many of my simulations. I am experiencing also another problem: in some of my simulations, when I load initial conditions, the software doesn't load them in the right way: it loads an initial condition that is completely different from the SAVE file that I specify. I don't know how to solve this problem. Thanks for your attention Valentina
  7. Hi, I'm experiencing some problems when I try to load my *.sim files in Petrasim. I created a *.sim file in a new folder: I created the mesh, assigned the materials to the cells, assigned the initial conditions and the boundary conditions. I then ran the simulation successfully, so in the *.sim folder the software created the output files. Today, when I opened the *.sim file, I discovered that in the main window when I ask the software to color the cells by Temperature, it doesn't show me the initial condition of each cell, but it loads the Temperatures obtained after the simulation. I did not load the save file as initial condition, so I don't know how it is happening. I have never experienced this problem, but know it happens with most of the sim files I'm working with. Thank you for your attention Valentina
  8. Good morning, I would like to know if new Petrasim tutorials are available (or they will be released). I looked in the Petrasim documentation page, but I haven't found any new tutorial since march. Thank you for your attention Best regards Valentina
  9. Hello, I'm surfing the internet to look for a software to post process the 3d results (Tough2 files) obtained with Petrasim. I didn't find any software useful to obtain "pictures" like the one attached. Does someone know a software to obtain a post process image like that? Thanks for helping
  10. Hello, I would like to know how to obtain (in 3D results window) a numerical range of the magnitudes of the vectors (eg. kg/s). Maybe it's not enough having just the color scale in my model. Do I need to postprocess somehow (eg. outside PetraSim) these data? Thank you very much for your help. Regards
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a new Petrasim user. I'm a geology student and I'm going to use the software for my training at University (Pisa, Italy). I am actually ill at home, so I have started using the 30 days trial version (at university I will be followed by a tutor and I will use the licenced version). I read all the user manual and the examples, and I have encountered some difficulties during the simulation of the examples (convergence problems, for example in the five spot geothermal). I have some questions: 1) there is a "default" material in the software: which common rock is the "default material" similar to? 2) Where can I find the properties (density, porosity, permeability, wet conductivity, specific heat) of the most common rocks (i.e. shale, pomice, granite, limestone, sandstone, chert) to use in my very first tries with the software? 3) I am not an engineer, and I was searching for a relationship between enthalpy and temperature (i.e. in the well's properties, I have to enter a value for enthalpy in the injection tab). So i.e. 20° C correspond to an enthalpy of? 4) How is porosity defined in the software? 5) solution controls: which value can I use to define the end of my first similations? which is a good time step? 6) where can I find a free/open source software to write xyz files? Thank you for helping Vale
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