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  1. Initial T conditions from file

    I sent you right now the files. Thank you for your attention and sorry for the delay. Maurizio
  2. Initial T conditions from file

    Thank you Alison for your attention, I will send you a copy of both files. (Sorry for the large numbers of posts, my internet conection had a problem yesterday!) Maurizio
  3. Hello, I am trying to assign a thermal gradient in a geothermal model by a brief list of well log T data at different depths. I wrote a txt file with two columns (depth and T), but I have this error message when trying to assign it in the initial conditions dialog: "Unknown Error: No Data Loaded" What do you think that is wrong with my txt file? How do I have to write it? I do not have to specifi any x,y variation of temperature, I only would like to assign few T vs. depth data. Thank you for your help. Best regards Maurizio
  4. Grid/Mesh editor

    Thank you Alison for your kind attention. Best regards Maurizio
  5. Grid/Mesh editor

    Hello, I would like to know how to find a function of Grid editing, as in the previous version of Petrasim. I am trying to make a tutorial I downloaded from the website of Petrasim. It's the "3D Contour Example (EOS1)" example. I cannot find in the latest version of Petrasim a tool to (for example) delete and merge columns or layers in the mesh. Best regards Maurizio Vaccaro