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  1. What is G-Value

    thank you Mitch for example, if I have 3 rocks type. I assigned G-value LST=1, SS=2, Sh=3 and then run the lithology model. And I assigned G-value LST=3, SS=1, Sh=2 the lithology model should be same ? in my opinion G-value not deal with mass, density right? But, my model not same. Why not same? 1,3 assign for LST too my project first G-value 1,2.....10 second G-value 10,9......1 at the same rock type what should I do?
  2. What is G-Value

    Hi, I'm new user for rockwork 14. I'm don't understand about G-Value in lithology table, what is this value. I can input various of number on this table, but what is the meaning of number. It is important when I want to generate the lithology model, profile, section etc. thank you. (sorry in my English)