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  1. Why does GWB force you to increase the pH to balance the reaction? Is there something in the GWB manual that explains this? What about other literature sources? Thanks!
  2. I am trying to model the mixing of a mine water and recharge water using React in GWB 7 Standard Edition. I changed the time of reaction to 2 years (attached file named "AMD and 5 inches recharge 24 months) for the first model run and 2.5 years ("AMD and 5 inches Recharge 30 months") for the second model run. For some reason, I'm getting the exact same numbers even though I varied the time. I even tried changing the time period to 100 years to see if the numbers changed, but they still stayed the same. Do you know why this is occurring? Thanks! AMD and 5 inches Recharge 24 months.rea AMD and 5 inches Recharge 30 months.rea
  3. I am trying to use React to mix the two waters in the attached script. I can't seem to get a proper charge balance. I have tried to move the ion on which I balance my charge to every ion in my basis water and I keep getting the same error: Residuals too large, 663-th iteration Largest residual(s): Resid Resid/Totmol Cbasis Cl- 0.07619 1.38e+200 5.456e-202 I even tried adding other ions that weren't part of the original water, but I get the same error. How do I get my charge to balance? Thanks! P5 at 365 days and recharge.rea
  4. I got the two waters set up properly. However, when I try to mix them, I get the following error: Residuals too large, 657th iteration Largest residuals: Resid Resid/Totmol Cbasis Cl- 0.01503 1.601e+200 9.033e-203 Any ideas on how to fix this? I've attached the script with the two different chemistries. Thanks! Combined recharge and mine water chemistries.rea
  5. I have two water chemistries I am trying to mix. One is a raw mine drainage chemistry and the other is a recharge water chemistry. The two attached scripts show the two chemistries. What is the best program in GWB Standard 7.0 to use to react these two samples? I also need to combine the resulting mixture with the raw mine drainage and recharge water samples four more times. Is the easiest way to do this using the "pickup" command? Recharge water chemistry.rea Raw mine water chemistry.rea
  6. I'm trying to use React to model the effects of differing oxygen levels on pyrite oxidation. Can this be done? I'm using GWB Version 7 Standard Edition. I've attached a script with the type of water I am trying to model. Thanks! fluid 1.rea
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