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  1. Best Fit Great Circle?

    Can anyone tell me how to plot a best fit great circle for a large data set of joint planes? the "best fit great circle" option in the stereonet utility only plots a best fit girdle to the pole to the planes, NOT to a best fit great circle for all of the plane's great circles..plus the help and instructions doin't provide any description on how to do this. Does anyone know i it is possible to do this? I don't even see a way to manually draw my own best fit great circle. I basically have two joint sets that I want to generate a best fit great circle for eaach joint set. I don't want a best fit great circle for the pole! I have attached an example. the thick green line is what rockworks calls the best fit great circle, and as one can see, it is a best fit circle to the poles, not the other great circles.
  2. Where can I see what constants or conversion factors that Rockworks uses to convert mg/L to milliequivalents when building a piper diagram? particularity, for bicarbonate as CaCo3..