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  1. Thanks Tom, That worked pretty well except that my coordinate system isn't consistent with the GIS data I'm using. The GIS data is NAD 84, and my RW15 data points are in UTM. Does either software (ArcMap or RW15) convert from one to the other?
  2. Does anyone know how I can export my borehole data to ArcMap? I need it to overlie some road/infrastructure data. Thanks!
  3. Ok Tom, I'm uploading the zipped file now (AAsections(copy).zip). Thanks for having a look!
  4. Hey Tom, Thanks for the reply. I'm using the correct menu to generate the stratigraphic sections, the stratigraphy just is not being produced. I just went through the stratigraphic picks to make sure the contacts were right. The software has them on file, they just are not being recognized when I call for a stratigraphic section. Any ideas?
  5. After constructing and editing the surfaces as described above, RW will construct a box strat model using the edited surfaces, so I know it recognizes them. However, when I request a multipanel strat section, the output drawing is generated without stratigraphic information (output is a borelog section). How do I enable RW to use my surfaces for these sections?
  6. Hi Molly, The procedure you outlined to manually edit isopachs for constructing new surfaces worked great, thanks! I now need to generate cross sections showing the stratigraphy I just edited. When those sections are complete, I'll undoubtedly need to adjust some of the surfaces to reflect my interpretation of the stratigraphy between control points. Is there a straightforward was to do so? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm working on a similar problem, and your solutions seem like they're going to work. However, I can't figure out how to add my edited isopach grid corresponding to "Formation A" to the previous surface "Bedrock" grid in order to save it as the new version of "Formation A". Is this option in the Grid Editor? Thanks!
  8. I'm entering some borehole data where the top of casing is not the same as the ground elevation. I'm working with groundwater monitoring well data. The borehole lithologies are measured relative to ground elevation, but the static water levels are measured relative to top of casing. How can I plot SWLs relative to TOC at the same time I plot borehole lithology relative to ground elevation? It appears that Rockworks only allows for one elevation per well...
  9. Okay thanks I appreciate the look. Here is the backed up database. I ran into an error when trying to attach the excel: Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file AAsections007.zip
  10. Hi This seems a bit elementary, but I'm having a tough time getting the Borehole Manager to import both the water level data and gamma log bitmaps corresponding to my wells. The water level data seems to import partially. My excel format matches that which RW15 calls for. I'm not looking forward to importing by hand, is there something I've missed? Thanks!
  11. Never mind... working around the issue. Had to adjust the system font settings.
  12. Ok I was able to tease a few more PDFs out of Adobe. This morning however I can't seem to get RW15 to print to Adobe at all. I've been going through the print setup and configuring the Adobe Printer, setting up the appropriate dimensions, and requiring a prompt for file name, but when I go to print, I'm not prompted for a file name but RW seems to go through some printing motions (I get progress screens as sheets "print") but no PDF is produced. Is there a setting I haven't adjusted? This is driving me nuts.
  13. Hi: I'm working on plotting a few cross sections and am finding the most expeditious way for me to do this is to print the sections to pdf and sending those to the plotter. However, after installing Acrobat 9 Pro I can print a single section to pdf, then when I try to print the next section, I trigger an error from Acrobat saying it can't find certain document fonts or job resources. Has anybody seen this behavior and is there something I can do to correct it? Thanks.
  14. Hi: I'm putting together some cross sections and need to be able to compare changine static water levels for analysis. However, I'm experiencing some difficulty in getting my water surface to plot on the cross section. I've gone through the 2D Striplog Designer and everything seems to be in order; I've modeled the water level as a single surface, with the distance to the top of the surface the same as the distance to base. Ultimately, I get no level and no symbology showing up on the plot. Any ideas?
  15. Joe

    Project extents

    Hi Alison, Thanks for the help, I figured out the error was occurring when I allowed RW to normalize my z values upon import of the grid, instead of manually specifying them based on actual elevations. Joe
  16. Joe

    Project extents

    Alison: I went ahead and reclipped the bitmap that my DEM is based on and it fits the project extents much better than before, so it was a data problem. Your advice got me curious though, so I tried importing the entire Arc grid again and resampled it to match extents and spacing like you suggested. It worked, but didn't preserve the original DEM detail. Any ideas on how to do this without losing detail? I've run into another issue, though, and maybe you can help out. In rendering the dem surface and appending it with a 3D rendition of my well field, the surface plots vertically below the well bores. I found the RW15 option that allows me to vertically displace my surface to meet the well heads, so I am able to begin to correct for it, but the two data sets still do not seem to dovetail because I realize that the surface seems to have an inherent vertical exaggeration that isn't reflected by the well data. Did I build this vertical exaggeration into the surface (inadvertently) when I imported the grid? Any ideas on how I correct it? Thanks again, Joe
  17. Joe

    Project extents

    Hi, I'm using RW15 and am trying to rectify some issues I'm running into while importing a grid. I've trimmed the DEM to the extents delineated by my well field using arcmap. However, when I create a 3D diagram of the surface, a large buffer area, uniform red color, shows up outside the extent of my surface. This area seems to represent the phantom extents of the bitmap I exported from arcmap. How do I get rid of this? Thanks, Joe
  18. Joe

    Importing DEM

    Making progress. I've imported a grid that seems to be working, but I continue to experience scaling issues. The DEM I'm using is a publicly-available countywide model. However, when I have RockWorks construct the model, it fits the entire county into the space defined by my original borehole extents. Is there a way to redefine my project dimensions to reflect the county borders (within which my boreholes fall), instead of scanning the boreholes and using those? Thanks
  19. Joe

    Importing DEM

    That's what I just had to do to convert .adf files into a grid that RockWorks would recognize. However, it's plotting as a point when I try to display the grid. I'm sure I've missed a scaling or border extent setting, any ideas?
  20. Joe

    Importing DEM

    Hi. I've got a large data set of 211 Lidar-based DEM tiles covering several townships in Michigan for import to my project. My main concern is this: Do I have to import each tile separately or is there a means to import the whole set at once? Second question: Which of the data files is appropriate for import? I understand that .adf files carry topo information, is there a certain file or file extension that contains the appropriate information? Thanks! Joe
  21. Joe

    Importing DEM to RW15

    Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to add a surface to my project by using a digital elevation model. The file extension attached to the digital elevation model I've acquired from MiGDL is .adf. RW15 doesn't seem to recognize this format. Will Surfer be able to convert the data into something I can use? If not, is there any transformation available for this file, or will I need to find another dem? Thanks
  22. Hi everyone: I've just upgraded to RW15 and am trying to import a digital elevation model to use as surface datum for the project. I'm trying to upload the DEM from the State of Michigan Center for Geographic Information and the format available for the model is GRID. When I download that particular model, I receive a set of folders and do not know which to use for import into RW15 when prompted. Any ideas? I'm sure this issue must have a simple solution! Thanks, Joe
  23. Hi Molly: I was looking into RW15, but the free demo download is freezing up almost immediately upon startup. No issues like that with RK2006, any ideas?
  24. Thanks for the reply, I was working through your idea to test its feasibility with respect to my dataset and have the following question: When you say I would create a separate I-data column for the component and date, are you saying I would replace the "Type" column with multiple types and their corresponding date ranges? That is, the spreadsheet I'm working has the following headings, as required by the software: Bore, Type, Depth-1, Depth-2, Value. Are you suggesting I replace the "Type" column with several columns headed "Dioxane 1980", "Dioxane 1981", etc., and then direct the software to model specific columns? Thanks again, Joe
  25. I'm curious how much an upgrade would cost me if I were to go from RW2006 to RW15? Is it the same as buying a new seat or is there some discount from the advertised price? Thanks!
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