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  1. Okay, thanks, because I began to doubt
  2. Thank you for your reply, Tom. It is very clear for the question number 1, but it doesn't answer. I just repeat to understand: for example, I use for I-data model Mn content in ppm. Yes, after modelling I could see any range of values, but will it correct to put to this range label "Mn, in ppm" or no? For question number 2: thank you so much. I have done the same, but unfortunately for my data using the closest point algorithm do not give quite interesting results and for all other I-data I use Inverse distance weighting algorithm with dominant horizontal weighting exponent. So, anyway thank you so much. Cheers, Vladimir
  3. Hi everybody, 1. I would like to find out precisely what does z-value mean (stupid question, but excuse me)? Is it corresponds exactly to the ppm/wt.% in my I-data sheets or it corresponds to some other modelled units because there are different range of values I have? Could I label this legend with the same unit labels or no? 2. Next question is could I set Z-values before section modelling. I mean that for example I want to get redox model, which is in my Stratigraphy section couldn't give me any correlation because of very complex structure and multiple intersections. I have four types: 1_Ox, 2_Ox, 1_Rd, 2_Rd, which are labeled within the I-data tables as 1, 2, 3, 4 values. After I-data modelling I want to get same precise values - 1, 2, 3, 4 with correspond colors, but each time program give me values from 1.5 to 3.7 or something like this. So, is it possible to see redox model as I want to do as any I-data element distribution within the frame of the section or no? Thank you for help. Cheers Vladimir
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