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  2. Interval Data Plots on Strip Logs

    Ok thanks for the input Tom. Our organization and clients like to see permeability units reported in cm/sec but based on your comment that may not be possible for low perm data. I think moving forward we will report the perm in Lugeons, unless there is any other way to trick RW into plotting these low values that you can think of. Thanks Again Earl
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  4. Interval Data Plots on Strip Logs

    Hi Earl, The current version of RockWorks limits the precision to 6 decimal places, so you may need to multiply your values by a factor to have them fall in this range. For example, you could multiply by 1000 to convert permeability from darcys to millidarcys or by 1,000,000 to display "microdarcys" as the units. Programming says that they will add the ability for more than 6 decimal places in a future version. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  5. Hi I am having trouble setting the scale on interval data to accept small numbers. In the case of permeability, often we need to plot numbers at 10-7 decimal places for example. However RW only allows me to input numbers at 10-6 and defaults to 0 if they are smaller. I have changed my program settings to allow for more decimal placed but the I-data scaling still will not take the low values I need. Thoughts?
  6. Importing ESRI Shapefiles into RockPlot2D

    You alright!!!!! Was because of coordinate system Thank you so much!!!!!!!
  7. Importing ESRI Shapefiles into RockPlot2D

    coordinate system of my shapefile is SIRGAS 2000 and on rockworks I'm using WGS1984, which is the same...
  8. Hi, a little late here for the original post I guess. But since I had the same question. I wanted to share what helped me to get five-spot sample: Based on recommendations in this post on the tough forum, I set the initial fraction of tracer to 0.01 in the reservoir and only injected tracer (no water). Thus I see in the resulting plots how the injected water moves away from the injection well. Julia
  9. Importing ESRI Shapefiles into RockPlot2D

    What type of shapefile are you trying to import (points, lines, polylines, etc.)? Regarding the coordinate system, RockWorks does not do any conversion during this import. You should make sure that the shapefile is in the same coordinate system and units as your project. You may need to reproject the shapefile and re-export it from GIS before importing it into RockWorks. If you continue to have problems, please send the shapefile and a description of the problem to tech @ rockware.com.
  10. Importing ESRI Shapefiles into RockPlot2D

    Hello, I'm doing exactly what the menu option is recommended but as I import my shapefile polygon the file didn't came as the same feature and not the same coordinate system.... Someone could help me ? Sincerely Rosialine
  11. Export to MODFLOW

    Hi Alisson Thanks for your help!!!! Sincerel Rosialine
  12. Export to MODFLOW

    Yes, this is available under the Grid|Filters|Polygon tool. You'll need to create a polygon table that contains the xy locations for the vertices in the polygon.
  13. Export to MODFLOW

    Thank you so much Alisson, I found the grid Export tools!!! So, one more doubt....is there one tool to clip my grid in an specific area, as I can do on GIS features? Sincerely, Rosialine
  14. Export to MODFLOW

    When you create a stratigraphy model, top and base RWGRD files are created and stored in your project directory. They are named based on the names of the stratigraphic units in the project. To export one of these RWGRD files as an ASCII file, to go the Grid|Export menu in the Utilities portion of the RockWorks program. There, you'll find the option to export both ASCII file and Surfer GRD files, which would probably work as well in Visual MODFLOW Flex. I hope this helps!
  15. Export to MODFLOW

    Hi Alisson that's the problem: I couldn't find the option to export to ASCII.... (where is the grid menu?) I just opened my stratigrapy model and went to file and then export options....I'm using rockworks17 standard, but I would my surface as" .grd" extension to use in visual modflow flex.... I was researching and I figure out that option on old version of rockworks (2006)... Please, could you help me? Rosialine
  16. Export to MODFLOW

    How you approach this probably depends on which MODLFOW interface you are using. I think in most cases, the ASCII XYZ export (through the Grid menu) will likely load as a surface into your MODFLOW interface. I would probably turn off the header, and you can adjust the delimiter based on your preference (tab, comma, space, etc.). Also, if you are using Groundwater Vistas v7 and RockWorks17, we have added some new tools for exporting grids in a format that can be automatically loaded into Groundwater Vistas. You can find more information about this by doing a search for Groundwater Vistas in our Help files.
  17. Export to MODFLOW

    Hi Alisson I'm trying to export surface from stratigraphy model to MODFLOW, but I couldn't convert Rwgrd in grd....First, I've tried to convert in shapefile, but data went to there as polygon... I can't interpolate polygon as raster in GIS .... So it's a messy..... I need a file as grid (interpolate surface) to build my model in MODFLOW .... Can you help me?
  18. RockWorks 17 Faults

    Hi Earl, I'm glad that you were able to resolve the problem. Thanks for letting us know. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  19. RockWorks 17 - Isopach is Blank

    Hi RockLover, I'll need to look at your project and get a list of the menu settings you select to create an isopach map. Backup your project with the File | Backup Database command and send the ZIP file to support at rockware.com. Larger files may be uploaded to http://rockware.com/upload/ or shared via your Dropbox, Google Drive or other. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  20. RockWorks 17 Faults

    Tom Thanks for the input. I have moved the borings, turned off holes north of the fault, and inserted missing stratigraphy. The data plots much better now after doing that. I appreciate the input on this. Earl
  21. RockWorks 17 - Isopach is Blank

    I am then trying to make an isopach 2D map and when I generate it it shows up blank. Im not sure if maybe the values I have input would not generate such a thing or maybe on the Excel tab 'lith type' I have messed up the colors that could be used?
  22. Hi RockLover, RockWorks maps the columns in the Excel Lithology sheet to the Lithology table in RockWorks based on the column names. It can map the column named Lithology or Keyword automatically, but your Excel file has the column header named Simple Lithology, so it isn't imported. Either rename the column header in your Excel sheet, or remap the columns in the Excel import dialog box. Select the Lithology table on the Block Selection tab of the import dialog box, and click the Show Block Mapping button to match the Simple Lithology column to the Keyword field. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  23. Hello first time posting here sorry if my question or format is weird but here is my issue. I have used the SampleProject excelt sheet provided by the RockWorks program to import borehole locations and various other data that it came with into RockWorks no problem. Its very nice that I am able to generate a Lithology 3d map and everything, Which is my main goal with my own data. The problem I have is when I create an excel spread sheet in the same fashion as the SampleProject excel sheet given it doesnt register my Lithology values or anything other than the borehole data. I will upload the excel spreadsheet I have currently. I know by messing with it I probably altered something incorrect but if anyone has a specific format that exists for the program to read it that would be great! thank you Brisben Site Data Site Interval Data B1 - B24.xlsx
  24. Hi khanbhos, Sorry you are getting an error. Backup your project with the Borehole Manager File | Backup Database menu command and send the ZIP file to [email protected] and we'll take a look. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  25. Hi, I wanted to create 3D Stratigraphical Model. I have 7 borehole data with 4 stratigraphical unit each. While running the model it always shows "an error occured in the program". Can anyone help with that issue
  26. New versions of RockWorks17 (64- and 32-bit) were uploaded to the RockWare website today, with the following changes: Improvements + The bulk import for LAS files into the Borehole Manager will now handle LAS version 3.0 files. The bulk import will now allow a filter for depths, NULL conversions and decimation of data. + LAS files (Version 3.0) can be imported into the Utilities datasheet. The options have been expanded to allow NULL conversions and decimation of data. These two improvements will only import Log/Curve data. Other sections allowed in the LAS version 3.0 specification are ignored for these imports. They can be imported via the single file import in the Borehole Manager. + Stratigraphy legends now use the background color for the pattern when "Background Colors" are turned off, so that they match unfilled section panels. + RockPlot2D is now using GDI+ for displaying transparent images and images with a transparent color. + Added an option to the Vertical Panels to Color Model and Vertical Panels to X/Y/Z/Color to sample by distance instead of pixels. + Improved the drawing quality and speed of raster images in 2D Strip Logs. These changes can be seen anywhere that 2D Strip Logs are plotted (e.g. Cross Sections, Profiles, Stratigraphy Picker, etc.). Bug Fixes + Fixed an issue when running RCL files that displaying 2D graphics caused an Invalid Pointer error. + Fixed a problem in which the Borehole Manager Check Data Integrity menu option would display an OS Function error if the error list output to HTML was too big to be displayed in the RockWorks browser component. + The path for the Constraining Surface was being removed if the grid file was in a different folder than the project. + Fixed an Access Violation in the Projected Section EZ contouring (Striplog menu). To download this build, use the Help | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks17. Or visit our website and click on the RockWorks Free Trial tab: https://www.rockware.com/product/rockworks/#product_inquire_form_1494_tab where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program. (DO NOT uninstall first.) Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired before October 2018. Contact RockWare Sales or visit our Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer/index.php) if you would like to update your maintenance. Molly M. RockWare Inc
  27. A customer recently emailed us saying that his IT group was getting their SQL Server set up and figuring out his access to the server through the firewall. He inquired: Can you tell me if RockWorks users need full admin rights on the computer it is installed on or just power user / Win10 equivalent? Here is our short answer: No, users do not need Admin rights to run the RockWorks17 program. Long answer: While Admin rights are not necessary to run the program, RockWorks - when connecting to a SQL Server - does require the ability to Create, Read, Update, and Delete records in the SQL server database. This level of permission is established through permissions on the SQL Server side, not in RockWorks. Note that if you don't have permission to create new fields in the database, which is higher than the "CRUD" permissions above, that is generally ok except when we update the data dictionaries. This could cause problems when you install an update for RockWorks. But there is a work-around for this - you can activate a setting in the database connection window in RockWorks17 for the SQL Server to "Generate a SQL Script File without executing it" for these cases. Then just give the script file to the network Admin to run, and it then the necessary fields will be added to the SQL Server database. Molly Mayfield RockWare Support
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