We didn’t just change the name from PowerCAD SiteMaster XPto SiteMaster Building! Behind the new name is a new version with a complete new interface and many new features. After many requests we have included a Totalstation connection for building surveys, in the new SiteMaster BuildingTS version. You can upgrade your Pro version to benefit from the new Totalstation integration. The new SiteMaster BuildingTS version includes SiteMaster Pro.

Along with our traditional desktop CAD solutions, SiteMaster Office offers a solution that allows you to edit your floor plans back in the office. SiteMaster Office has all the SiteMaster Building features except for the Bluetooth integration.

SiteMaster Elevation is a photogrammetric facade survey application, which lets you determine detailed measurements from freehand digital photographs or scanned images. SiteMaster Elevation requires only one rectangle with two known side lengths for calibrating an image plan. SiteMaster Elevation lets you measure and draw a building in 2D with added height information on floors, openings etc.

SiteMaster Version Comparison

Click on the graphic to the right to compare the features available in the different versions of SiteMaster.

Compare SiteMaster Building Office, (CE), LT, and TS.

Special Notice

RockWare is authorized to sell PowerCAD SiteMaster in North America only.

Please allow up to 48 business hours for orders to be fulfilled.