100+ Hatch Library

Version 11 of the 100 Plus Hatch Patternslibrary has now been released for use with:

  • AutoCAD Release 14 through 2016
  • All versions of AutoCAD LT and ACA

The library contains 385 hatch patterns that are created with a high degree of accuracy.

A sampling of the patterns available in 100 Plus Hatch Pattern Library. See below for more samples. Click on image to enlarge

AutoCAD Hatch patterns – features

  • 365 hatch patterns furnished as separate .PAT files for use with the “Custom” hatch pattern option
  • Numerous patterns for geologists and architects!
  • New in version 10.2D: Compatibility with AutoCAD 2014.
  • New in version 10: 15 geologic patterns for use with the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) drawings, 10 additional architectural patterns.
  • A partial menu is supplied. The 20 frame pull-down icon menus includes the pattern names listed on an easy to use vertical slider actuated menu.
  • Hatch patterns are fully editable and scalable.
  • The 365 slides required to display the patterns are supplied within a slide library that is provided with the program

Included with the program are 5 AutoCAD drawings that depict all of the 365 hatch patterns.

More hatch patterns for AutoCAD

Click on image to enlarge