RockWorks17 GeoBody (Contiguous Voxels w/Same G-Value) Filter Improved

(014-017) Improvements (04/06/16/JPR): The following changes have been made to the Utilities | Solid | Filters | GeoBody Filter programs:

  • (014) Improvement: The minimum number of voxels setting that was used to remove small geobodies has been replaced with the Minimum % of Voxel Volume which is far more intuitive and universal.

  • (015) New Feature: The Contiguous Units Report now includes a column that shows the percent of the model (by volume) represented by each geobody.

  • (016) New Feature: The Contiguous Units Report is now automatically sorted in descending order based on the geobody populations (see example above).


  • (017) Bug Fix: The program no longer includes small disconnected geobodies as parts larger geobodies when processing very large models.

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