2 thoughts on “A new version of RockWorks16 has been uploaded to the RockWare website. Enjoy!

  1. Does Rockware have any plans to update LogPlot7 with horizontal log plotting capabilities such as Wellsite Systems Horizontal log software. I’ve been a faithful user of Rockware’s LogPlot software since LogPlot98 and love what I can do with the your software. Unfortunately, we are providing mud logging services to many operators who are drilling >90% of wells in West Texas and South Texas horizontally. If you need a company that can test a version of something, you can count on me to a test subject. I hope you (RockWare) can continue to improve and on a great software product. Let me know if you have any plans to offer horizontal logging to your software.


    Lizcano Geological Services

    • Hi Roy; Our plan is to do this in three steps: (1) Add four geo-steering utilities to RockWorks Level-1 ($700). This has been completed and we’re just beginning to get some feedback. (2) Create a stand-alone geo-steering utility (tentatively called “RockSteer”) for release sometime around Christmas. This will be licensed on a monthly rental basis. (3) Integrate the RockSteer capabilities with LogPlot. Figuring out how to do this without making LogPlot unusably-complex will be a challenge. Some of us are leaning towards creating two different versions but no decisions have been made yet. The reality seems to be that ALL oil and gas holes are now horizontal. Best regards, Jim Reed.