New Capability Added To RockWorks16 For Automatically Computing Horizontal Well Path

This video describes a new capability whereby RockWorks16 can be used to automatically determine the path for a horizontal well that starts out as a vertical borehole at a designated location and then curves (based on a user-defined radius of curvature) into a pay-zone as defined by two grid models.  The path will then automatically route itself along the mid-line of the two surfaces until reaching a user-defined point.

Caveat: This program assumes that hole starts out vertically.

Examples of Non-English Text Output Provided by RockWorks16’s Unicode Support


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What The Frac? – A look inside a frack job

The Denver Post recently had a pretty well-balanced article about fracking. The article explains that the problems occur if the surface casing is not cemented properly, and the fracking procedure includes pressuring up the borehole to make sure the cement holds.

Often the problems are caused by surface spills and older wells that do not have cement jobs up to current day standards.