RockWorks 15 – Lithology Profile with Inclined Boreholes and Offset Lithology Column

Lithlogy columns are offset from the borehole "axis".


In this post I relate some issues that occur when working with lithology profiles with inclined boreholes and offset lithology columns posted with the boreholes. For this type of profile, the Axis line is where the borehole is aligned with the model, so the lithology column position needs to be changed to be centered on the Axis line.


The example illustrates a lithology profile drawn through several inclined boreholes. At first glance, the lithology in the model (solid color) does not match the lithology in the inclined boreholes (color + pattern). The profile has a Depth track to the right of the Axis line, and a Lithology column even further to the right of the Axis line. When I draw a red line from the contacts in the Lithology column onto the Axis line, you can see that the model honors the borehole data along the Axis line.

Red lines projected from the Lithology column to the Axis line show the location of the lithology on the model.

For one final tweak, change the offset of the columns to have the Axis line plot behind the center of the Lithology column. On the 2D Striplog Designer tab, drag the Depths track to the farthest left side of the Layout Preview, drag the red Axis line to the middle position, and drag the Lithology column to the right position. In this case the width of the Lithology column is set to 1.0, so set the offset of the Axis Left Margin by 0.5, and offset the Lithology column by -0.5.

Move the Depths and Lithology columns, then change the Lithology Left Margin value.

With the Lithology column centered on the Axis, the boreholes are aligned with the model.

2 thoughts on “RockWorks 15 – Lithology Profile with Inclined Boreholes and Offset Lithology Column

  1. I just started working for Grant Associates in Portland, Or. I need to figure out out how to use Surfer, Log Plot and Rock Works. The Log Plot on my computer is a trial version which has expired and I don’t have the codes to get it going. The guy who set it up and might know where the codes (reg#, Lic#, unlock code) is on his death bed, so I’m not going to trouble him. Do you have any advice for an ignoramous?

    Tom Wayland

    • Hi Tom,

      I cannot find any licenses for Grant Associates, but you are welcome to get an extension on the trial versions of RockWorks and LogPlot. The Surfer demo does not expire, but is feature limited. All three programs have extensive tutorials in their help files. I will e-mail you with additional information.

      Tom Bresnahan
      RockWare Inc