Dip-Based Gridding

We’re putting the final touches on a dip-based gridding algorithm (free update to RockWorks16) that biases the surface modeling based on the dip-direction and dip-angle of the control points. The algorithm also accommodates points for which the dip is unknown. Here’s how it works;

Consider the control points listed and mapped within the diagram below. Each of the points has a z-value (elevation) of zero. A contour map would be nonsensical because a gridded surface would be a horizontal plane.


Now, let’s pretend that we have dip information (e.g. strike & dip or dip-direction & dip-angle) for some of these points as shown within the diagram below;


The new dip-gridding algorithm will use the dip information (for the points that have it) to construct imaginary planes that are used to bias the modeling as shown by the example shown below.  Notice how the points without dip information constrain the modeling.


The following new programs and modifications to existing program been made to accommodate the new dip gridding capability;

– A new program titled “Dip Direction & Angle -> Grid” has been added to the Utilities / Planes menu. This program will create a structural grid and contour map using the new dip-gridding algorithm and plot (as an option) strike-and-dip symbols at the control point locations (see below).


– Five new options have been added to the Utilities / Map / Grid-Based Map menu;


– A new algorithm titled “Dip” has been added to the Gridding Options menu along with a group of options pertaining to the nuances of dip gridding.


– The Stratigraphy table within the RockWorks Borehole Manager now includes fields for entering optional dip-direction and dip-angle field for the superface (top) and subface (bottom) contacts.


Note: To show the dip-direction/angle fields within the Stratigraphy Table;

(1) Select the Borehole Manager / View / Tab Manager option …


(2) Select the Stratigraphy option from the Tab Manager and then click on the Edit Fields button …


(3) Select the Enable All option from the “Optional FIelds for Stratigraphy” menu.



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