Using PetraSim v2020.2 with TOUGH3

The latest maintenance release of PetraSim v2020 includes small bug fixes and some nice new features that make it easier to use PetraSim in conjunction with TOUGH3, which is the latest version of the TOUGH simulator published by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

  • First, the interface now includes an option to automatically add the “OUTPU” block to the header of the TOUGH3 input file. This directs the simulator to output data in a CSV format that is compatible with PetraSim.
  • Second, the interface now automatically loads the CSV files output by TOUGH3 directly into the 3D results window.

If you are interested in the work flow for using TOUGH3 with PetraSim, take a look at this video that uses the TOUGH3 ECO2M module, which is designed to model the injection of CO2 into the subsurface:

And as always, please feel free to reach out with questions to Thanks for reading!

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