RockWorks17 Stratigraphy Modeling Bug Fix

(144) Bug Fix (03/24/16/JPR): The Borehole Manager | Stratigraphy | Model program no longer hangs-up if;

  • (1) Stratigraphy Types To Be Included | Only Units Flagged As “Show In Legend” = True
  • (2) Uppermost Surface = Disabled
  • (3) Interpolate Surfaces | Constraining Surface | Replace Top Surface with Ground Surface = True

Column-Specific Alignment Added To RockWorks17 Datasheet

(143) New Feature (03/23/16/JPR): The dialog that appears when the user clicks on a column heading within the RockWorks Datasheet now includes a tab option titled “Alignment” if the data column is designated as “Text” or “Pick List“.

The Alignment tab will appear for all items except for those that display graphic content (i.e. Color, Line Type, Pattern, & Symbols).

Cosmetic Changes To RockWorks17 Histogram Menus

(134-142) Cosmetic (03/20/16/JPR): The “Scaling & Bin Size” and “Bin Colors” options within the Histogram menu that is used by a variety of programs have been converted to dialog boxes that include graphic examples.

These changes have been made to the following programs:

  • (134) Utilities | Grid | Statistics | Histogram
  • (136) Utilities | Solid | Statistics | Histogram
  • (137) Utilities | Statistics | Histogram | Single
  • (138) Utilities | Statistics | Histogram | Multiple
  • (139) Borehole Manager | I-Data | Histogram
  • (140) Borehole Manager | T-Data | Histogram
  • (141) Borehole Manager | P-Data | Histogram
  • (142) Borehole Manager | P-Data | Analyze | P-Data Histograms By Lithology

Underlap Added To RockWorks17

(122) New Feature (03/01/16/JPR): A new option titled “Underlap” has been added to the programs that create stratigraphic models.  As a consequence, the Onlap option (which is mutually exclusive with the new Underlap option) has been grouped into a radio-button group under the new Onlap/Underlap heading.

The options within the Onlap/Underlap group are described and shown (using triangulation-based gridding algorithm) as follows:

  • None: Stratigraphic units are defined by interpolating grid models based on the borehole data.  The program makes no consideration about overlying or underlying stratigraphic units which means that (1) gaps may occur between units and (2) units may overlap each other.

  • Onlap: Starting from the lowest unit and proceeding upward, if a unit extends below the underlying unit, it will be truncated along the top of the underlying unit.

  • Underlap:  Starting from the highest unit and proceeding downward, if a unit extends above the overlying unit, it will be truncated along the base of the overlying unit.

Proportional Scaling Based On TDS Added To Stiff Maps

(133) New Feature (03/19/16/JPR): The “Stiff Dimensions” menu item within the Utilities / HydroChem / Stiff Map program menu now includes an Options button that displays the following dialog:

The Uniform option behaves just like the previous versions in which all of the diagrams within the map are plotted at the same relative size.

The new Proportional To TDS option will automatically scale each Stiff diagram between the minimum and maximum dimensions based on the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) that are computed for that site as shown by the following examples: