RockWorks20 Environmental Applications

RockWare’s February webinar covered RockWorks20 tools for working with environmental data.  We’ve created an interactive landing page for the Webinar so that you can pick and choose which part of the webinar you would like to view.  RockWorks includes numerous tools for displaying and modeling downhole environmental data.  This webinar focuses exclusively on the 3D display and modeling of data, presenting several examples of how data can be displayed in 3D Logs, as well as Gridded Surfaces and Solid Models. 

The webinar gives a good demonstration of how the RockWorks Playlist can be used to create a composite 3D view of downhole data using 3D Logs.  The Solid Models section shows some example models created by RockWare Consulting, and also gives a demonstration of how RockPlot3D and the Solid Math tools can be used to estimate the volume of contaminated material, as well as the mass of contaminant in the subsurface.

The webinar ends with a discussion of some Cool Tricks that more advanced users might find interesting, including a new OBJ export that can be used for display of RockPlot3D in Sketchfab, Infrastructure tools for creating 3D objects such as buildings and subsurface utilities in RockPlot3D, and of course, a discussion of RockWorks Playlists and how automation in RockWorks can help you save time and money, and produce more reliable and better output.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Thanks for reading!