Enhanced Bitmap Rescaling Within RockWorks16 2D Logs

(007) New Feature (04/10/15/JPR): 
A new option titled “Limit To Column Width” has been added to the Bitmaps section of the 2D striplog design sub-menu. 

This new feature extends the capabilities of the bitmap plotting as described below;

  • Aspect = Preserve / Limit To Column Width = True: Fill the designated vertical column (shown in red within the example below) while preserving the aspect ratio.  Advantage: Images always extend to base of designated interval.  Disadvantage: Images may laterally extend beyond the right-edge of the image column.
  • Aspect = Preserve / Limit To Column Width = False: Adjust the images such that right edge of an image will never extend beyond the right edge of the image column.  Advantage: Images never extend beyond right edge of image column.  Disadvantage: Base of the images may not extend to the depth of the designated interval.
  • Aspect = Stretch / Reduce: Independently stretch or reduce the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the bitmap to fit within the designated depth interval and column width: Advantage: Fills entire interval regardless of the original image aspect ratio.  Disadvantage: May produce strange looking bitmaps.

OrigamiBook Portable from Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is offering the OrigamiBook Portable (with 16 cores / 32 processors) at a great price! RockWorks16 runs fast and looks great on this machine albeit a bit bulky.

The gap between the monitors is a bit obnoxious, but the processor speed makes up for it …

RockWare Announces RockWorks/iWatch

Press Release: April 1st, 2015, Golden, Colorado: RockWare Incorporated, the global leader in geological software, is proud to announce the successful migration of their flagship product, RockWorks, to the new Apple Gold-Edition iWatch.

RockWorks Borehole Manager screen as viewed on the new iWatch.

The new RockWorks/iWatch product also includes a 14k gold Hastings Triplet 30x21mm hand lens to extend the user experience level by virtually eliminating data entry errors when entering borehole data into the program.

14k Gold Hastings Triplet Hand Lens

According to RockWare spokesperson Gage Ripcord; “Given the inevitable ubiquitous proliferation of the Apple gold iWatch, we can finally discontinue support for the bloated Windows platform and focus all of our energies on a single device. This translates to a more meaningful experience for our loyal customers who have been asking for a more fashionable way to become part of the RockWorks lifestyle.”

RockWare founder Admiral Harold R. Head demonstrates RockWorks capabilities on extra-large edition of gold iWatch.

This comment from RockWorks/iWatch beta user Tiffany Auriferous is typical of the many first impressions: “I am so happy, not, when drillers at a jobsite make fun of my clunky laptop and I’d go like ‘whatever’. Oh my god! Now I am totally awesome thanks to RockWare. They rock! Totally.”

Tiffany Aureferous performing spatial geostatistics with her new iWatch.

All of the features within the Windows version of RockWorks16/Level-5 are included within this release; Geological Data Management (MDB or SQL Server Borehole Database), Modeling (2D Gridding & 3D Block Modeling), Analysis (e.g. Volumetrics & Pit Optimization), 2D/3D Visualization (e.g. Strip-Logs, Cross-Sections, Fence Diagrams), and Video Production (e.g. Plume Migration).

Easily correlate raster electric logs directly on your wrist!

To schedule an eligibility interview for the RockWorks/iWatch waiting list, please send your resume, notarized copy of 2014 tax return, and carbon footprint to aprilfoolsjoke@rockware.com.

Notice: “Apple”, “iWatch”, “Gold iWatch”, and all words beginning with the letter “i” are registered trademarks of Apple Corporation. All Rights Reserved.