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September 2009 Announcement

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FEATURED products

QuickSurf DX

QuickSurf DX handles large datasets with ease, generating grids and contour maps, and calculating volumes with the fastest engine available.  Extensive import and export tools are included, along with numerous surface manipulation tools such as line-of-sight analysis, contour editing, and "water-drop" flow lines, shown below.

QuickSurf DX RockWare

* Easy to use
* Build topographic contours based on TINs or grids
* Powerful editing tools: Dynamically move a data point or edit its z-value and watch the effect on the surface in real time
* Data grid/graphic connectivity: Highlight a point in the data grid and see it highlighted in the graphic view, and vice-versa.
* Create slope analysis maps
* Generate thickness maps and compute volume
* Analyze visibility of a viewpoint with a single click
* AutoCAD version also available

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MapInfo Professional v. 10

MapInfo Professional RockWareYou won't find a GIS system that's easier to operate.  Let MapInfo help you see your business data in powerful new ways. 

New in version 10:
* User interface: simplified menus, customizable toolbars
* Layer control: Easy access, drag and drop between layers, apply changes to multiple layers at once, apply changes to layers from different maps
* Access more data: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL 2008, Access 2007, Excel 2007
* Improved map output: Dynamic elements and new exports

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Related Products:

Encom Discover is the desktop GIS designed especially for the geosciences, with tools to compile, visualize, analyze and map spatial geoscience data.   Encom Discover with MapInfo Professional has become the GIS of choice for geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and database administrators.

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Groundwater Vistas

Groundwater Vistas Software RockWareGroundwater Vistas is a state of the art software package for 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, calibration, and optimization using the MODFLOW suite of codes.

Groundwater Vistas comes in 3 versions:
Standard - basic 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, calibration and optimization
Advanced - includes Monte Carlo versions of MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3D, plus some new stochastic processing features
Enterprise - includes everything in the Advanced version, along with the GW3D visualization tool, and a license for Remote Model Launch.

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RockPack III

RockPackIII software RockWareRockPack III is a package of programs useful for all phases of rock slope analysis and design where stability is controlled by the orientations and characteristics of rock mass discontinuities (joints, bedding, foliations, faults, etc). RockPack III is applicable to practically all rock excavations, including highway roadcuts, quarries, mines, and building excavations.

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LogPlot7: Pattern Overlays for Transitional Lithologies

There are several ways to create combined pattern views in LogPlot7.

1. Overlay Description Intervals:  Just enter overlapping depth intervals for keywords so that more than one pattern plots in the overlapping zone, offering a transitional view.  (This requires that the over-plotting pattern have a white background.)

2. Overlay Another Pattern Column:  Create a second Lithology Pattern Column in your log design, right on top of the first and with a different name, to show overlapping intervals.  (Ditto for the white background for the overlying pattern.)

3. Create "Combined" Keywords and Patterns: Create combined keywords with combined patterns using the Keyword Editor and Pattern Editor.

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