Aqtesolv Single-Well Solutions

AQTESOLV includes many solutions for use in the analysis of single-well aquifer tests.

  • The Theis (1935) and Hantush-Jacob (1955) step-drawdown test solutions include linear and nonlinear well losses and allows you to compute well efficiency.
  • The Papadopulos-Cooper (1967), Dougherty-Babu (1984), Moench (1997), Moench (1985), Moench (1984) and Barker (1988) solutions include wellbore storage effects for pumping tests performed in confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers.
  • The solutions for slug tests apply to the analysis of single-well underdamped and overdamped slug test in unconfined and confined aquifers.
  • The solutions for constant-head tests apply to single-well configurations. Choose from solutions for confined, leaky and fractured aquifers.