RockWorks/15 Revision History
2013/Q1 (01/01/13-03/31/13)


(004) Bug Fix (03/06/13/MIW):  RockPlot2D no longer sporadically applies an offset when pasting from one form to another.



(003) Bug Fix (03/06/13/MIW):  The Scientific Notation option is no longer ignore for Color Legends that use Custom Tables.



(002) Improvement (02/19/13/MIW): The Borehole Manager / Borehole Survey program has been modified such that the result are presented in a fashion that match those produced by the Utilities / Borehole Survey program.



(001) Improvement (02/19/13/MIW): The Borehole Survey program now automatically adjusts the Azimuth of any initial vertical surveys to match the first non-vertical survey point.  This prevents the program from twisting the azimuth as it approaches the first non-vertical survey point.


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