RockWorks/15 Revision History
2012/Q4 (10/01/12-12/31/12)

(010) Bug Fix (12/04/12/MIW):  The program no longer displays a "Failed to find the number of processors (CPU's)." error message (if the program actually failed to find the number of processors) during installation.  This eliminates a potential problem for network administrators who want to install the software without any possible interruptions during bulk installations.

(009) Bug Fix (11/29/12/MIW):  It is now possible to set zero decimals for 3D "cage" labels.


(008) Improvement (11/28/12/MIW):  Stratigraphy text outlines within deviated 2D logs are now curved (if necessary).




(007) Improvement (11/28/12/MIW):  Lithology text outlines within deviated 2D logs are now curved (if necessary).



(006) Improvement (11/28/12/MIW):  Custom colors defined within the Pattern Picker are now saved.



(005) Improvement (11/28/12/MIW):  The program that is used to import ModFlow Path data into the RockWorks datasheet now handles multiple space delimiters.



(004) Bug Fix (11/07/12/MIW):  Borehole curve data (e.g. P-Data) that are resampled using the spline method no longer occasionally add spurious points (e.g. curves in which the endpoint wrapped back to the starting point).



(003) Bug Fix (10/03/12/MIW):  The 3D log display now clips lithology and stratigraphy intervals within horizontal logs correctly (assuming that the horizontal clipping option is enabled).



(002) Bug Fix (10/03/12/MIW):  The 2D log display now clips elevation labels correctly within horizontal logs (assuming that the clippoing option is enabled).  The previous version would clip the labels based on the location of the labels (offset) rather than the location of the log axis.



(001) But Fix (10/03/12/MIW):  The Unwind option within the StripLogs / Single-Log 2D menu no longer forces the direction of deviated logs to the east within the associated striplog plan maps.


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