RockWorks/15 Revision History
2012/Q2 (04/01/12-06/30/12)



(007) Bug Fix (06/26/12/MIW):  The Time Graph Map no longer generates an error if the boreholes don't have data.



(006) Bug Fix (06/26/12/MIW):  The Rose Diagram confidence interval now sets the default value correctly.




(005) Bug Fix (05/31/12/MIW):  Fixed an access-violation error when using spatial filtering when creating a solid model.


(004) Bug Fix (05/22/12/MIW):  Fixed transparency on ATI cards with hardware acceleration.



(003) Bug Fix (05/18/12/MIW):  The profile axis labels now match the direction of the profile.


(002) Bug Fix (05/08/12/MIW):  The Grid Polyfilter now uses a small offset to avoid vertex collisions that caused random failures.



(001) Bug Fix (05/08/12/MIW):  The KGS import now handles records with or without quotation marks.


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