RockWorks/15 Revision History
2011/Q3 (07/01/11-09/30/11)


(015) Improvement (09/21/11/MIW):  The 3D Triangles program now uses the Title column. If no title exists it defaults to Triangle or Triangle Outline depending on fill options.

(014) Improvement (09/21/11/MIW): Sending all items in a Layer to the back or front no longer changes the order that they are plotted in.



(013) Improvement (09/14/11/MIW):  Legend dimensions for Ternary, Histogram, Rose and Stereonet diagrams are now be based on the diagram dimensions. For other 2D plots (maps, sections, profiles, etc.), legend  dimensions continue to be based on the Project Dimensions.



(012) Bug Fix (09/12/11/MIW):  Fixed a typo within the DXF color table.



(011) Improvement (09/12/11/MMM):  The help messages have been updated.



(010) Improvement (09/12/11/MIW):  Improved gray-scaling within color-filled contours maps.


(009) Improvement (09/06/11/MIW):  Increased the number of significant digits for DXF Export.



(008) Bug Fix (09/06/11/JCJ):  Assay type import (I-Data, P-Data, etc.) was not using the borehole chosen from dialog page.


(007) Bug Fix (08/12/11/MIW):  The Borehole Resolution menu has been reinstated.


(006) Bug Fix (08/12/11/MIW):  I-Text in 2D Logs are now centered if the borders are turned off.


(005) Bug Fix (08/12/11/MIW):  The Print preview dialog now shows the correct page orientation when changed from the dialog or the printer settings sub-menu.



(004) Improvement (07/05/11/MIW):  Modified the P-Data Histograms by Lithology program to provide better diagrams and reports for histograms with 1 or 2 P-Data points.

(003) Bug Fix (07/05/11/MIW): 
Fixed an issue with spaces in table names.

(002) Bug Fix (07/05/11/MIW):  RockWorks was incorrectly re-raising an exception when reading selected tables.

(001) Bug Fix (07/05/11/MIW):  (RW15 + ReportWorks) Stretched images that required tiling weren't calculating the height of the last tile correctly.

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