RockWorks/15 Revision History
2010/Q2 (03/01/10-06/30/10)


(085) Bug Fix (06/30/10/MIW): The error log that is generated when importing data into the Borehole Manager no longer generates an "I/O Error #103" message.


(084) Bug Fix (06/29/10/MIW):  The Solid Model Closest Point algorithm was not always finding the closest point in a borehole. The final results were only noticeable when the data was sparse and the number of sample in a borehole were even.

(083) New Feature (06/29/10/MIW):  Users can now control the thickness of the disks used to plot PData in 3D Bore Hole Plots. The Automatic setting scans the data to find the smallest interval and the disk is centered on its depth. If this isn’t satisfactory the user can manually specify the disk thickness. WARNING: Selecting a thickness greater that the actual sample interval can cause data to be hidden.

(082) Improvement (06/25/10/MIW):  A variety of dialogs have been modified such that non-US format numbers are accepted.

(081) Improvement (06/24/10/MMM):  The help messages have been updated.

(080) Bug Fix (06/24/10/MIW):  Columns within the Utilities datasheet that have been designated as "Image Columns" now load the File/Open dialog when double-clicked.

(079) New Feature (06/23/10/MIW):  RockPlot2D can now calculate the area of closed or semi-closed contour lines which are stored as polylines. A semi-closed contour line requires the beginning and ending points are on the same edge of the map (see the picture). The area is displayed on the Location tab of the Properties dialog.

(078) Bug Fix (06/23/10/MIW):  Exporting a 3D ESRI Shape File of an Iso-Surface from within RockPlot/3D now shows the correct value for the Value and Name fields.

(077) Bug Fix (06/23/10/MIW):  Double clicking on the Iso-Surface Value option no longer displays the low model values as black.

(076) Improvement (06/23/10/MIW):  Added additional OpenGL error reporting to RockPlot3D objects.

(075) Cosmetic (06/18/10/MIW):  The Grid Algorithms, Solid Algorithms, Ternary, Symbol, Borehole Map and Label Options dialogs no longer look odd when configured for Window's Large Fonts.

(074) Bug Fix (06/17/10/MIW):  Displaying multiple profiles in separate windows was not using the preset vertical exaggeration.

(073) Bug Fix (06/17/10/MIW):  The composite profile diagram is no longer created and displayed when multiple profiles are selected to be displayed in separate windows.

(072) Bug Fix (06/16/10/MIW):  The automatic contour intervals for colorfill and contour maps is now saved.

(071) New Feature (06/16/10/MIW):  An option to decimate the number of labels in a Color Legend has been added.

(070) New Feature (06/16/10/MIW):  After drawing a polygon in RockPlot2D the user can now modify the pattern by selecting a Lithology or Stratigraphy type from the database. Selecting a Stratigraphy or Lithology type will also add a new Layer or select an existing one with the name of the Stratigraphy or Lithology unit. This new feature can be used for drawing more complex Cross-Sections or geology maps.

(069) Improvement (06/15/10/MIW):  The transfer of the Raster Symbols (GEIcon) is now supported between the Borehole Manager and the Utilities data sheet.

(068) New Feature (06/14/10/MIW):  Exporting Isosurface's and X-Isosurface's to a DXF from RockPlot/3D now adds each Isosurface's cutoff value to the layer name. This allows for more viewing and editing control within AutoCAD and other CAD programs.

(067) New Feature (06/14/10/MIW):  Utilities / Stats / Histogram:  The user can now specify a manual Y maximum bin height for Single and Multiple Histograms. The maximum bin height should be entered in the correct units for the set options (Log Scale, Linear, Percentage). This option makes it easier to compare histogram's with different bin heights.

(066) Improvement (05/27/10/MIW):  The Iso-Surface diagram within RockPlot/3D only updates when the focus exits the Iso-Level edit box and not after each keystroke.

(065) Improvement (05/27/10/MIW):  The scene is no longer redrawn in RockPlot/3D when an objects properties are changed and the AutoDraw checkbox is unchecked. You must redraw with the Render button.

(064) Bug Fix (05/26/10/MIW):  Saving or Showing RCL commands from a dialog that contains a Project Dimensions button no longer causes an Unknown Special Node error.

(063) Improvement (05/26/10/MIW):  Dialogs no longer prompt for confirmation when the user cancels.

(062) New Feature (05/25/10/MIW):  RockWorks can now merge 2 different models using either a plane or a grid as the dividing feature. This feature allows the user to model different parts of their geology using different techniques.

Note:  The models and grid must have the same dimensions.

This new program is located within the Utilities via the Solid / Math / Merge option.

Below is an example modeling a discontinuity.



(061) Removal (05/24/10/MIW):  The Horizontal Biasing algorithm has been removed since it was a version of Inverse Distance with a distance cutoff filter (see item below).

(060) New Feature (05/24/10/MIW):  Horizontal and Vertical Distance Cutoff's have been added to the Solid Modeling and can be used with all algorithms. These cutoff distance are applied to the calculation of each voxel in the model and provide a way to further control in modeling that have strong horizontal or vertical bias.  


(059) Bug Fix (05/21/10/MIW):  The Fast Inverse Distance Weighting algorithm for solid modeling was not using the horizontal vertical exponent settings.

(058) New Feature (05/20/10/MIW):  The Properties dialog for Lines and Polylines within RockPlot/2D now display the calculated length of the selected item.

(057) New Feature (05/20/10/MIW):  The Properties dialog for Polygon within RockPlot/2D now display the calculated perimeter and area of the selected item.

(056) Bug Fix (05/20/10/MIW):  Added Cancel handling for Solid Modeling.

(055) Cosmetic (05/20/10/MIW):  Insured that the Status Dialog stays on top of the active RockWorks window.

(054) Improvement (05/20/10/MIW):  Improved the performance of Delaunay Triangulation and Triangulation Gridding through streamlining of the network creation (~10% improvement) and the network to grid routines (~400% speed up).


(053) Improvement (05/15/10/JPR):  Preview images are now stored within a project sub-folder titled "\System\Previews".  Preview images are the JPG files that are created when a RockPlot/2D or RockPlot/3D files is saved within the project folder.  These images are displayed whenever the cursor is moved over a file name within the Project Manager.  This modification has been made in an effort to de-clutter the project folder.  If you have an old project that contains lots of preview images within the project folder (as indicated by the ".preview.jpg" extension), and you want these images to appear when the cursor is moved over their file names within the Project Manager, you will need to manually cut/paste them from the main project folder into the "\System\Previews" sub-folder.



(052) Bug Fix (05/13/10/MIW):  2D Striplogs weren't calculating the percent of fill for Stratigraphic units correctly.



(051) Enhancement (05/12/10/MIW):  Exporting RockPlot/2D circles to RockPlot/3D now uses the fill color if a fill is specified.  Otherwise it will use the border color.



(050) Bug Fix (05/11/10/MIW):  Running an RCL script from within an RCL script caused an I/O 32 Error when creating a second copy of the error log.



(049) Bug Fix (05/11/10/MIW):  Setting the Vertical Exaggeration in RockPlot2D diagram with text caused the diagram extents to be incorrectly calculated. This could result in a small diagram being displayed.



(048) Bug Fix (05/11/10/MIW):  The RockPlot2D to RockPlot3D utility wasn't passing the correct line end points when set for a Floating diagram.



(047) Bug Fix (05/11/10/MIW):  The Confirm Histogram Range dialog no longer hides itself when clicked on.



(046) Bug Fix (05/10/10/MIW):  Calculating the statistics for 2 values would generate an Index Out of Bounds Error. In addition the calculation of the median value was incorrect.



(045) New Feature (05/07/10/MIW):  The "G-Filter" options within the solid modeling/filtering programs now process negative numbers correctly.  Previous version that used SQL did not properly format these values.


(044) Enhancement (05/05/10/MIW):  A option has been added to the Borehole Manager / Borehole Map menu such that all symbols and labels will be combined into a single layer.




(043) Improvement (05/07/10/MIW):  Trying to create a Log Section with Constant Spacing and a Surface Profile will now generate a warning message and turns off the Surface Profile (since it doesn't make any sense).



(042) New Feature (04/30/10/MIW):  To make it easier to visualize animation Rotations in RockPlot3D a "Preview" button has been added to the Animation dialog.  Clicking on this button will display the rotation axis as a green arrow in the display.




(041) Improvement (04/30/10/MIW):  The previous axis setting for Rotations are now saved for the next session and the initial output file is based on the file name of the current file.



(040) Bug Fix (04/26/10/MIW):  The widths of "secondary" or "tree" menus are now "remembered" correctly.



(039) Improvement (04/26/10/MIW):  Creating a generic Color Legend for 3D Model now bases the Legend's title on  the model's file name.



(038) New Feature (04/26/10/MIW):  In RockPlot3D the Color Legend can now include Prefix and/or Suffix text.




(037) New Feature (04/26/10/MIW):  In RockPlot3D, the user can now specify whether the legend values are displayed in Scientific Notation. The Scientific Notation only applies to Cold to Hot, Hot to Cold, Continuous Color, and Color Table schemes.





(036) Improvement (04/23/10/MIW):  Grids and models no longer need to match the Project Dimensions to plot properly.



(035) Bug Fix (04/23/10/MIW):  Parallel Profiles are now displayed in the Profile Selection dialog properly clipped if the Truncate option is on.



(034) Improvement (04/23/10/MIW):  Activating the Truncation option in the Profile Selector now immediately updates the diagram.



(033) Bug Fix (04/23/10/MIW):  The KML Multiple Points (Flexible) program was encoding Images and Links incorrectly.



(032) Enhancement (04/23/10/MIW):  Added options to the KML Multiple Points (Flexible) program to allow the user to add a link caption from the Utilities Spread Sheet or from the menu.



(031) Enhancement (04/23/10/MIW):  Moved the KML Multiple Points description start and end columns so that they're the last columns to allow greater flexibility when adding multiple descriptions.



(030) Bug Fix (04/23/10/MIW):  Updated the KML Multiple Points spreadsheet template to reflect the new menu.



(029) Bug Fix (04/21/10/MIW):  RockWorks wasn't finding the correct processor count on dual core AMD processors.



(028) Bug Fix (04/21/10/MIW):  Changing the number of processors in Tools/Preferences wasn't updating until RockWorks was restarted.



(027) New Feature (04/20/10/JCJ):  ASCII import of boreholes can be executed from an RCL script.  The DEFINE: BM_EXCHANGE LOC_FIELDS_MAP is similar to the column titles of the Location data but must be valid fieldnames from the Location table to which that column is being imported into.  To skip a field leave the entry blank.  New fields need to be added in advance (for this example ConeID, JobID, Operator, Sounding, Time, Date,  Remarks, WaterTable, ConeFactor, Nkt, and Filename were added as additional Location fields)

Sample RCL file:

: Import ASCII data into Borehole Manager.





DEFINE:  BM_EXCHANGE LOC_FIELDS_MAP  Name,Easting,Northing,Elevation,TotalDepth,ConeID,JobID,Operator,,Sounding,Time,Date, Remarks,WaterTable,ConeFactor,Nkt,Filename,SymbolTypeId,Color

: Key to replace format in next line: 1=Create New Record,2=Replace,3=Update




(026) New Feature (04/20/10/JCJ): Added Total drilled thickness dialog.  This will give a figure for the total of all Total Depth values for all enabled boreholes. You find the function “Total Drilled Thickness” on the View Menu.



(025) New Feature (04/20/10/JCJ):  Adjust Total Depths (on the Edit menu), the  options were changed.  There are two choices:

1.       Set TD to deepest value – will look through all your data and set the Total Depth value to the maximum value it finds.

2.       Set TD to deepest value only if deeper than current TD – will through all your data and set the Total Depth value to the maximum value it finds only if the value is deeper than the current Total Depth value. If it is less than the Total Depth, then the Total Depth value will not be changed.

This also applies when this function is run as a part of the “Check Data Integrity” from the Project menu.


(024) Improvement (04/20/10/MIW): Truncating the profile line is now an option in the Profile Selection dialog. The value is defined in the RCL using LOG_PROFILE, TRUNCATE.




Turning off the Truncate option will include logs inside the Profile Swath but will be unable to provide any interpolation outside of the Project Dimensions. With the Truncate option turned on the profile will be shortened to fit within the project dimensions.  In addition, the Profile Map now plots the Profile Line and Swath under the Points and Border.



(023) Bug Fix (04/19/10/JCJ):  When importing text files for P-Data (I-Data, I-Text, …), if the text file does not contain column headings, the reader will now set the number of columns and display generic titles (e.g. Column 1).



(022) New Feature (04/09/10/JPR/CIF):  A new program titled "Remove Points Outside Project Area" has been added to the Utilities / Edit / Filter menu.



This new program is used to extract a rectangular subset of points from a large file into a smaller file.



This filter provides a means for assigning a margin or "buffer" outside of the project dimensions to minimize edge effects when creating grids and solids.


An example of the usefulness of this new capability involves GPS data that has been continuously sampled (streamed) into a very large file.  The GPS data includes points for a much larger region that includes the project area as a small subset.  By using this new filter, we are able to extract just the points within and slightly outside of the project area for subsequent gridding/contouring.



(021) New Feature (04/09/10/JPR/CIF):  A new program titled "Borehole Locations (Google Earth)" has been added to the Borehole Manager / Map menu.



This new program will create borehole locations maps in a KMZ (Keyhole Markup Language - Zipped) format that is compatible with the Google Earth program.  This program uses either the easting/northing or longitude/latitude fields within the location table as well as the new Google Earth Icon (see item #85 in last quarters' [1/1/10-3/31/10] revision list).



If the "Launch Google Earth" option has been checked within the "Borehole Map" menu, the borehole locations will be automatically displayed within Google Earth as shown by the example below.



Clicking on a borehole location symbol within Google Earth will cause the program to display selected information about that particular borehole.




(021) New Feature (04/09/10/JPR/CIF):  Two new buttons for saving and retrieving project dimensions have been added to the Project Dimensions window. 



These new options are extremely useful for user who wish to manage "sub-sites" while still keeping all of their data in one database.  For example, let's say that you have a project in which there are dozens of quarries within a linear deposit that extends over several miles.  You could create separate RockWorks projects for each quarry but managing the lithology and stratigraphy types would be unwieldy.  Managing boreholes in-between the quarries would also be troublesome.  These new options coupled with the View / Filter Boreholes option provide a great solution.



(020) New Feature (04/08/10/JPR/CIF):  A new sub-option titled "Include Zero-Volume Lithologies" has been added to the "Include Volumetrics" options within the Borehole Manager / Lithology / Model and Borehole Manager / Lithology / Fence program menus.



This option serves two purposes when dealing with projects that have lots of unused lithologic terms within the lithotypes table (i.e. "committee projects");

  1. The volumetric listing within RockPlot/3D will be much less cluttered.

  2. The program will run much faster - computing individual lithology volumetrics is a very slow process.


(019) New Feature (04/08/JPR/CIF):  A new program titled "Degrees/Minutes -> Decimal (Pairs)" has been added to the Utilities / Coords menu.



This program converts longitude and latitude coordinates that have been stored in a degrees & decimal-minutes format (spelled "obnoxious") into decimal degrees.



This program is very similar to the "Degrees/Minutes -> Decimal" program.  It just makes the job easier by converting both the longitude and latitude in one fell swoop.



(018) New Feature (04/07/MIW/CIF):  A Point Digitizing option has been added to the RockPlot/3D to the tool bar.



On activation an editor window will be displayed where the coordinates (X, Y, Z) will be displayed separated by tabs. 


  • Use the Pause button to halt digitizing so that you can rotate, pan or zoom with your mouse without collecting data. Use the Digitize button to resume.

  • Set the number of output decimals using the spin edit.

  • Note:  If no object is under the mouse no data will be recorded.


(017) New Feature (04/07/MIW/CIF):  World Coordinates are now displayed in the lower left corner of the RockPlot/3D dialog with the cursor is placed on a 3D object.





(016) Bug Fix (04/07/MIW):  RockPlot2D and Raster images are now loaded correctly from the command line regardless of the file extension capitalization.


(015) Improvement (04/07/MIW/CIF):  Ampersands (&) are now plotted correctly in legend labels within the RockPlot/3D program.


(014) Improvement (04/07/MIW):  Text and lines are now scaled based on the output resolution within the ReportWorks program.


(013) New Feature (04/01/MIW):  Non-solid line styles (dashed, dotted, etc) can now be applied to line widths greater than 1 within the ReportWorks program.



(012) New Feature (04/01/MIW):  The Contour Options menu now includes a "Manual" option that allows the user to specify a major and minor interval for contouring without having to change it from the confirmation dialog or setting intervals through an RCL script.



To access these settings from within the RCL (RockWorks Command Language), use the following commands;





(011) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  The Show Collar Distance option no longer sporadically fails to work in Multi-Log Profile if the Plot Logs option is not set.



(010) Improvement (04/01/MIW):  The RCL "HIDE" command can now be placed before or after the RCL filename on the command-line.



(009) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  The Divide by Zero "trap" now works better and is more consistent within all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7).



(008) Improvement (04/01/MIW):  The RockPlot2D Clipping utility now correctly clips raster images that are only partially in the clipped area.



(007) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  The Google Earth export from RockPlot2D now shows the correct colors if the Elevation Mode is set to Absolute or Relative.



(006) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  Running an RCL script from the command-line no longer triggers an Access Violation when the program attempts to close the main form (which had never been opened).



(005) Improvement (04/01/MIW):  Great Circles within the Stereonet program are now plotted as polylines so that their line styles are displayed consistently.



(004) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  The horizontal line and title Perimeter Annotation for Cross Sections is now plotted correctly when the diagram is clipped.



(003) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  RockPlot3D items are now consistently included when exporting or printing from a non-embedded window.



(002) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  Flat grids are now displayed correctly within RockPlot3D.



(001) Bug Fix (04/01/MIW):  The Color Range Filter now behaves correctly (as all children should) when set from RockWorks or RockPlot3D.


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