RockWorks14 Revision History
2008/Q4 (10/01/08-12/31/08)

(48) Bug Fix (12/15/08/MIW): Legends now display correctly when reopening ReportWork's files (RW6).

(47) Bug Fix (12/12/08/JCJ): If the project that was being used when RockWorks closed is deleted, then when starting RockWorks an existing project is chosen, the project will be saved.  Yes, English is a second language for some of us here at RockWare.

(46) New Feature (12/12/08/JCJ): Added 'NOT LIKE' to the Optional field's operator list.  Mantis 1748

(45) Improvement (12/12/08/JCJ): The KGS (Kansas Geological Survey) import now allows for variations in the import file format.  Before it assumed the number and order of the fields to be always the same.  Mantis bug 1749

(44) Bug Fix (12/11/08/MIW): Opening a ReportWorks file (RW6) with a Pattern Legend linked to a RockWorks database (MDB) would generate an error because the program couldn't find a match between the database name and it's folder.


(43) Improvement (12/11/08/MIW): The RockPlot/3D slider bars for the High Filter in the Model Options dialog now initializes on the highest value.


(42) Improvement (12/11/08/MIW): The RockPlot/3D edit boxes for the Iso-Surface and Model Options dialog now update their respective slider bars as they change. In addition these boxes now show a rounded decimal value.


(41) Bug Fix (12/9/08/MIW): Selecting Resampling with P-Data on boreholes with no data no longer causes a "Access Violation" error.

(40) Bug Fix (12/9/08/MIW): RockPlot/2D arrows were being drawn in the opposite direction from the screen on exports.

(39) Improvement (12/2/08/JCJ): The display of the row number and total rows on the Utilities datasheet has been widened to show the row numbers more clearly. 

(38) Improvement (12/2/08/JCJ): When importing an ASCII file into the Utilities, the spreadsheet was defined to be the number of lines in the input file, now it is only defined to be the decimated value.

(37) Improvement (12/2/08/JCJ): The user is now warned about the 1,048,000 row maximum within the Utilities datasheet.

(36) Bug Fix (12/1/08/JCJ): Grid / Grids -> Stratigraphic Logs was overwriting the Stratigraphy in the Boreholes even if ‘Overwrite Existing’ data was checked off.  Mantis 1580

(35) Improvement (12/1/08/JCJ): When you select File / Transfer / Stratigraphy to Borehole Manager in the Utilities, the user is now given the option to back up their database first. Mantis 1744.

(34) Improvement (12/1/08/JCJ): Excel and ASCII imports will once again map "standard" template names to import fields, specifically Bore to Name, TD to TotalDepth and Symbol to SymbolTypeId.  Mantis 1742.

(33) Improvement (12/1/08/MIW): When creating solid models from stratigraphy some data sets with poorly defined basement base surfaces would have discontinuous fill along the bottom.(00) Improvement (11/25/08/JCJ): Transfer of boreholes to utilities will now set the Meridian field to meridian type column.

(32) New Feature (11/25/08/MIW): A solid model stripping filter has been added to remove data from the top of a model. Users can specify whether to use a high and/or low filter and the program will start at the top and work down until the first non-filtered value is found.




As an example you could remove stratagraphic units from a solid model as seen below.



Or the stripping filter could be used to remove overburden from a model.

(31) New Feature (11/25/08/MIW):  Added an option to include the inter-burden when calculating the over-burden from a Boolean Solid.

(30) New Feature (11/25/08/MIW):  Added an option to replace 0's with null values when converting a Boolean Solid to an over-burden or total ore grid. 

(29) Improvement (11/25/08/MIW):  Separated the Scan and Confirm options for generating a grid from Lidar text data.

(28) Improvement (11/24/08/JCJ): Modified the spreadsheet style import to allow direct import of ASCII files (before it was indirect through Excel).  The user may also choose the field delimiter.  This import is on the “Jiffy menu” on the Borehole tab sheets (I-Data, P-Data, T-Data, I-Text & P-Text). 

(27) Improvement (11/24/08/JCJ): The imports (ASCII and Excel) from the main menu will now allow adding/updating tracks (I-Data, P-Data, T-Data, I-Text & P-Text).  Before, data for all tracks for a borehole was cleared before importing new data.  Now only if a track exists and is being imported will it be cleared first.

(26) Improvement (11/14/08/JCJ): The mapper was automatically picking up the fields and then resetting them by position in the default map.  It will now ignore the default mapping for the dialog and base the initial mapping just on the names.  Mantis 1721.

(25) Improvement (11/14/08/MIW):  Users can now replace grid and model null values with a user defined string when exporting to ASCII.

(24) Improvement (11/14/08/MIW):  Users can now create a Polygon Table from any polyline or polygon with 3 or more points in RockPlot2D. Select a polyline or polygon and then right click and from the pop up menu select Save Polygon Table. It will close the first and last points if it's an open polyline.

(23) Improvement (11/14/08/MIW):  The sorting of Lithology Legends that are added in RockPlot2D has been changed form alphabetic to G-Value.

(22) New Feature (11/13/08/MIW):  The Filter Boreholes and Select Boreholes functions in the Borehole Manager now can use a Polygon Table for selection and filtering. In addition the outline of Polygon, Rectangle or Circle selection/filter's is now displayed on the map in the dialog. 


(21) Bug Fix (11/13/08/MIW):  Fixed the File / Export / DBF so that it wouldn't fail when text fields were blank.


(20) New Feature (11/13/08/MIW):  Buttons to Select and Unselect All have been added to the File / Export / DBF program.


(19) New Feature (11/13/08/MIW):  The default for field type was changed from Numeric to Character within the File / Export / DBF program.

(18) Improvement (10/14/08/JCJ): The “Check Data Integrity” function will now set the borehole symbol color and number to the default values if they are null.  This can occur when the data is loaded outside of RockWorks. 

(17) Improvement (10/14/08/JCJ): The “Check Data Integrity” function will now set the internal "xyz calculations need to be recomputed" flag to true if the orientation of the borehole is null.  This event may occur if the data in loaded outside of RockWorks.

(16) Bug Fix (11/12/08/MIW): The Cell Map labels and borders are now plotted correctly when Null or zero values are omitted.

(15) Bug Fix (11/12/08/MIW): The Grafix / Images / Rectify program now rotates the images correctly.

(14) Bug Fix (11/11/08/JCJ): In the Filter and Select Boreholes negative values are now represented correctly.  (-128.18 was being changed to -128..18).

(12) Bug Fix (11/11/08/JCJ): The Project Manager no longer displays an error message when it cannot monitor changes to a directory.  For instance a Novell network directory does not support this functionality.

(11) Bug Fix (11/07/08/MIW): Fixed the File|Export|DBF so that it wouldn't fail when text fields were blank. In addition buttons to Select and Unselect All were added and the default for field type was changed from Numeric to Character.

(10) Bug Fix (11/07/08/MIW): The Univariate Statistics report was being written to the current windows path which may be the program folder. Since the program folder has limited Write privileges under Vista it was changed to using the project folder.

(9) Bug Fix (11/06/08/MIW): Very small text sizes (usually in diagrams with small coordinates, ie. Histograms) were calculating the text dimensions much larger than they really were. 

(8) Bug Fix (10/22/08/MIW): Specifying a small interval for the legends within two-dimensional diagrams no longer produce "stack overflow" errors.

(7) New Feature (10/22/08/MIW): It is now possible to plot borehole p-data as three-dimensional discs such that the radii are constant while the colors vary with the magnitude of the p-data.

(6) New Feature (10/22/08/MIW): The RockPlot/2D / Utilities / Legend option has been removed and replaced by the new Index Legend entity that can plot color , line, pattern, and symbol index files.

(5) Bug Fix (10/22/08/MIW): When using the continuous color scheme in a Color Legend where the range between the minimum and maximum values was evenly divisible by 2 would omit the color for the lowest value and repeat the color for the highest value.

(4) Bug Fix (10/22/08/MIW): Very small text sizes (e.g. maps in degrees) within two-dimensional diagrams no longer cause the program to use incorrect dimensions when calculating the text boundaries.

(3) Bug Fix (10/21/08/MIW): 30-Meter DEM (Digital Elevation Models) models now import correctly.  In addition DEM Null values (-32767) are now handled correctly.

(2) New Feature (10/02/08/JPR): A new program titled "Time-Graph Map" has been added to the Borehole Manager / T-Data menu.

The Time-Graph program is used to plot T-Data as a function of time for all enabled boreholes.  The results are then displayed within a map such that the view can examine the changes in T-Data spatially.

The menu options for the Time Graph Map program are identical to the Time Graph program (see item #1 below) with the addition of the same callout options that are described within the documentation for the Aquifers / Hydrograph Map program.

(1) New Feature (10/01/08/JPR): A new program titled "Time-Graph" has been added to the Borehole Manager / T-Data menu.

The Time-Graph program is used to plot T-Data as a function of time for a given borehole.

The Time-Graph Menu contains the following items:

  • Track #1:  This program allows the user to plot one or two tracks of data.  Track #1 must be defined whereas Track #2 is optional.

    • T-Data Track:  Column within the T-Data table that is to be used to create the diagram.

    • Symbols:  If checked, this option will plot symbols that depict the sample points.

    • Connect Points:  If checked, this option will plot a polyline that connects the sample points.

    • Bargraph:  If checked, this option will plot a bargraphs from the based of the graph to the sample point.

    • Tilt Labels:  If checked, this option will tilt the labels along the horizontal axis.

  • Track #2:  To plot an additional track (i.e. a second t-data column), check this box.  The sub-items are identical to the Track-1 suboptions.

    Notice how the 2nd curve units are normalized to the same range as the first curve.  Also note how the annotation for the second curve is located along the right and top of the diagram.  This capability means that the two curves may be expressed in completely different units.

  • Labeling & Tick-Mark Intervals:  These options allow a means for labeling the horizontal axes based on the sampling dates or fixed intervals.

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