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New Features 

RockWorks16 - New Features


New RockWorks EarthApps - Output spatial data to Google Earth
  • Point Maps: Display map locations with icons, circles, cones, cylinders, and strike and dip symbols.
RockWorks EarthApps - Point Maps  

  • Line Maps: Display lines, polylines, tubes, parabolas, and pipelines in Google Earth.
RockWorks EarthApps - Line Maps  

  • Polygon Maps: Display polygons, claims, leases, PLSS sections, and U.S. state and country outlines in Google Earth. 
RockWorks EarthApps - polygon maps  

  • Images: Display images as draped on the ground, floating, vertical, and as legends. 
RockWorks EarthApps - Image Maps  

  • Flyovers: Create simple and advanced, forward-looking or circular flyovers in Google Earth.  
RockWorks EarthApps - Flyovers  

  • Cellmaps: Create maps of spatial data to illustrate highs, lows, averages, weighted averages, etc.
RockWorks EarthApps - Cell maps  

  • Survey maps: Compute and display point locations and polygons from survey data.
RockWorks EarthApps - Survey maps  

New Coordinate Options
  • Define project units and coordinate system for new and updated project databases.

  • Map (XY) and depth (Z) units can be mixed (e.g. meters and feet).

  • Project dimensions now represent Output Dimensions, and units are defined. Area, volume and mass units are also defined.
RockWorks Borehole Manager - Coordinates  

  • Define units and coordinate system for spatial columns in the utilities datasheet.

  • Coordinate conversion options have been added to all import tools.
RockWorks Utilities - Datasheet coordinates  

  • Relabel coordinates for existing data/projects.

  • Reproject coordinates for existing data/projects.

  • Volume reports use project units
RockWorks - Reprojection tools  

New Diagram Types and Improvements
  • New Stratigraphy Rules provide smarter cross sections and stratigraphy models.
RockWorks Borehole Manager - Stratigraphy Cross Section  

  • "EZ" P-Data, I-Data, Stratigraphy correlation panels in striplog sections. 
RockWorks Borehole Manager - Log Correlations  

  • Improvements to the Stratigraphy Picker and Lithology Picker programs
RockWorks Borehole Manager - Stratigraphy Picker  

  • Distance labels -or- coordinate labels in profile diagrams

  • Display faults in sections and profiles
RockWorks Borehole Manager - stratigraphy profile diagram  

  • Polygon maps:  multiple polygons, claim maps

  • Claim area and lease area calculators
RockWorks Utilities - Polygon Maps  

Borehole Manager Features
  • New layout of the Location tab – better organization.

  • Customized Location fields on their own "groups" or tabs for great flexibility,


RockWorks Borehole Manager location tabs  

  • Each database table can be referenced to the ground or collar elevations.

  • Improved hole sorting options so enabled can show at top and boreholes can be easily grouped.

  • Search for boreholes, hide disabled holes.
RockWorks Borehole Manager - ground or collar elevation  

  • Lithology, Stratigraphy, Water Level, Well Construction descriptions and Comments are now "memos" with unlimited content. 

  • Easily re-order I-Data, T-Data, P-Data, I-Text, P-Text columns (and they'll be remembered). Hide them, too.
RockWorks Borehole Manager - Memo fields for descriptions  

EarthApps and Utilities Datasheet
  • Row checkboxes – unchecked items will not be processed. 

  • Filter rows based on Output Dimensions and Polygons.
RockWorks Utilities Datasheet  

  • New column types in the Utilities datasheet.

  • Specify coordinates and units.
RockWorks Utilities datasheet  

  • Store metadata with your datasheets.

  • Specify numeric format (regional numbering systems).

  • Save / load datasheet layout templates
RockWorks Utilities datasheet  

RockPlot2D Updates
  • Expanded Google Earth export tools - export cross sections as vertical panels, maps as floating or draped, etc.

  • Diagram type saved in RockPlot2D files: unknown, map, section/profile, chart

  • Diagrams store coordinate system and units.
RockWorks RockPlot2D - export to Google Earth  

  • New tools in RockPlot2D to hand-draw correlation panels. Includes "snap" nodes in logs, snap to lines.

  • Add vertices to polygons and polylines
RockWorks - Drawing tools in RockPlot2D  

  • Establish a default font for 2D graphics; edit them individually in the plot window.

  • Apply transparency to color-filled or pattern-filled polygons.
RockWorks Cross Section  

  • Now include fills in vector patterns!

  • 2D color legends include scientific notation and prefixes & suffixes
RockWorks cross section with pattern fills  

RockPlot3D Updates
  • Expanded Google Earth export tools.

  • Color schemes for 3D diagrams can be defined before they are created.
RockWorks - 3D Fence exported to Google Earth  

  • Store one or more viewpoints for quick restoring of view position and angle.

  • Extract grid models from Rw3D scenes.
Rockworks - RockPlot3D Viewpoints  

  • Capture distance as well as XYZ coordinates in RockPlot3D window.

  • Save Vertical Exaggeration in Rw3D scenes. 
RockWorks - RockPlot3D Distance digitizing tool  

System Improvements
  • New network license manager
  • Installation program offers options for user and sample file locations
  • Wildcard names for file paths
  • Unicode support of non-Latin alphabets
  • More consistent support of non-US number formats
  • Project notes support RTF (Rich Text Format) thereby allowing for multiple fonts, font effects, and embedded imagery.
  • User-specific menu settings for shared project folders.

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