RockWorks/17 Revision History
2018/Q1 (01/01/18-03/31/18)

Entire RockWorks Revision History

(013) New Feature (02/16/18/MIW): Two new stock animations have been added to the RockPlot3D Video export.

(012) Bug Fix (02/15/18/MIW): I-Text within 2D striplogs is now correctly centered if the font angle is not Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal.

(011) Improvements (02/14/18/JCJ): The following improvements have been made to using "local" help files (i.e. help files on your machine versus files hosted on the RockWare cloud):

  • (000) The help was not shown correctly if the computer did not have an Internet connection.

  • (000) The Test function in the Preferences menu was not using the correct path to the files. Also the Test function will extract the files immediately in order to test them.

  • (000) The help Zip file contains folder references, so the path to the help files in the preferences excludes "WebHelp" and refers to folder where WebHelp is to be installed and used.

  • (000) When a new Help Zip file is included in the installation and the user is using the local help, the zip file extraction is executed earlier in the RockWorks start up process to avoid file sharing problems. This does add some extra time for RockWorks to start when a new zip file is included.

(010) Improvements (02/14/17/JCJ): The following improvements have been made to the Import and Export of Multiple tables:

  • (000) Import and Export of Multiple tables were not consistent in the use of computer settings. RockWorks will now save and restore backups internally using US format settings. This allows sharing the archive files between computers with different format settings. Users manually creating or adding to the file will need to be aware of this specially for floating point numbers and dates.

  • (000) When a project table has a single quotation mark (') (as in Section A-A') the import will now import it.  Some Unicode characters in field names caused the import to not find query parameters, causing the import to fail.

(009) Bug Fix (02/14/18/MIW): The background grid in Reportworks is now drawn correctly when the units are set to centimeters.

(008) Improvement (02/14/18/MIW): The background grid in Reportworks is now set to 2 centimeters when set for centimeters.

(007) Improvement (02/14/18/MIW): The Reportworks coordinates for the Line and Rectangle dialog are now shown and can be modified by the user.

(006) Improvement (02/14/18/MIW): The Reportworks program now includes Line dialog buttons to make the lines Vertical or Horizontal.

(005) Bug Fix (02/05/18/MIW): The Block Model Grade Statistics by Level program now calculates volumes by using the Data Input units rather than units of the solid model.

(004) Bug Fix (02/02/18/MIW): The 2D Striplog "Zero Thickness Expand" thickness value is now saved.

(003) Bug Fix (02/01/18/MIW): The Utilities / Survey / XYZ --> Optimum Path / Plot 3D Path program now outputs a diagram.

(002) Bug Fix (02/01/18/MIW): Imported Surfer Binary grids now calculate the Y Spacing correctly.

(001) New Feature (01/08/18/MIW): Metadata in the form of RCL commands are now automatically added to Grids and Solids This MetaData may be extracted by using either a right click popup menu item in the Project Manager or through the Grid | Statistics | Metadata or Solid | Statistics | Metadata menus. Metadata can be extracted either as an RCL file or as a Report.  This metadata includes information about the coordinate system (e.g. UTM) and units (e.g. meters or feet).


  • You will have to create new grids and solids to have metadata generated.

  • Programs that modify models and grids (e.g. filters, math, etc.) will not copy the metadata from the source files.

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