RockWorks/17 Revision History
2018/Q2 (04/01/18-06/31/18)

Entire RockWorks Revision History

(013) Bug Fix (04/30/18/JCJ): The Graphix | 2D Utilities | Add/Edit Projection is working again, & no longer uses the Tree Menu.

(012) Bug Fix (04/30/18/JCJ): The Local help now shows the Home page help.

(011) Bug Fix (04/27/18/MIW): The Solid / Export / Groundwater Vistas Matrix program now calculated the Harmonic Mean correctly thereby no longer producing results outside of the value range.

(010) Bug Fix (04/25/18/MIW): Fixed an issue with tears and artifacts in RockPlot3D Iso-surfaces where the model was filtered by a flat surface grid.

(009) Bug Fix (04/25/18/MIW): Fixed an issue with the RockPlot3D Logo object where the program would loop continuously if the image file was missing.

(008) Bug Fix (04/11/18/MIW): The Polygon filter used in Solid Modeling now works correctly.

(007) Bug Fix (04/11/18/MIW): The Volumetrics /2D Grid Model program now reads the Overburden data from the datasheet.

(006) Bug Fix (04/04/18/JCJ): The bulk coordinate converter for the Utilities now updates the Custom settings in the Metadata.

(005) Cosmetic (04/04/18/JCJ): The dialog for the bulk coordinate convertor dialog within the  Borehole Manager "to Easting/Northing" option caption now reads "Only where the Easting and Northing is not set".

(004) Improvement (04/04/18/JCJ): When wrapping UTM coordinates in the southern hemisphere, "+south" is added and the Zone is changed to a positive value.

(003) Cosmetic (04/04/18/MIW): The Borehole Manager borehole listing font size has been fixed to accommodate the most recent Windows update..

(002) Bug Fix (04/01/18/JCJ): The LogPlot import wizard now updates the Wizard header at the top of the dialog.

(001) Improvement (04/01/18/JCJ): The Borehole Manager - Edit | Coordinate Converter (from/to Easting/Northing) now allows specifying the units (feet/meters) for other coordinates.

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