RockWare Software: RockWorks

RockWorks Import/Export Features

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Importing and Exporting

RockWorks offers many import and export options for data, graphics, grid models and solid models to provide connectivity to other software programs.

Data Import

  • RockWorks15 and RockWorks16 projects
  • LogPlot LDAT8 and DAT data files
  • Excel (XLSX)
  • LAS
  • Text
  • CSV
  • AGS
  • Other databases (using ADO drivers)
  • Fugro CPT
  • DBF
  • DXF™ contour line
  • DXF XYZ points
  • Garmin TXT
  • Geonics EM38
  • GPL (Garmin GPS)
  • Laser Atlanta survey files (ASCII and Trimble™ Pro XL)
  • SEG-P1 shotpoint data
  • Spectrum Penetrometer
  • Delorme GPL
  • GSM-19
  • ModPath particle flowpaths
  • Tobin WCS
  • NEIC earthquakes
  • Colog
  • GDS and GDSII
  • IHS PI/Dwight (well location, stratigraphy tops and perforation intervals)
  • gINT (requires that gINT be installed and that a gINT correspondence file be created)
  • Kansas Geological Survey data
  • Newmont Assay MDB
  • LidarXYZ
  • Surfer Color Fill Table (*.lvl)

Data Export

  • LogPlot LDAT8
  • Excel XLSX
  • CSV
  • Text
  • ESRI 3D Shapefile
  • Google Earth
  • DBF
RockWare Software: RockWorks
RockWorks Shapefile Export

Graphics Import

  • AGL (RockWare ASCII Graphics Language)
  • DLG (Digital Line Graph)
  • DXF lines and polylines
  • ArcInfo® E00 polylines
  • ESRI Shapefiles

Graphics Export

  • DXF
  • PDF
  • BMP
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • WMF (Windows® MetaFile)
  • EMF (Enhanced MetaFile)
  • ESRI Shapefiles
  • MapInfo MIF/MID
  • AVI Animation
  • Animated GIF
  • Google™ Earth KMZ
RockWare Software: RockWorks
RockWorks Animation

Grid Model Import

  • ASCII grid data
  • BMP images
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model grids)
  • ESRI® ASCII grid files
  • Geosoft GXF (grid exchange, uncompressed)
  • RockWorks7 (DOS)
  • Surfer
  • ZMAP
RockWare Software: RockWorks
RockWorks Grid Model 3D Mesh Surface

Grid Model Export

  • ASCII matrix and XYZ
  • DXF matrix
  • Geosoft GXF (grid exchange)
  • ESRI ASCII grid
  • ESRI Shapefile
  • Ohio Automation ENZ
  • RockWorks7 (DOS)
  • RockWare RTM terrain models
  • Surfer
  • VistaPro

Solid Model Import


Solid Model Export

  • ESRI Shape Point
  • NOeSYS
  • Slicer Dicer®
  • Voxel Analyst
RockWare Software: RockWorks
RockWorks Solid (Voxel) Model
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