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Downhole Explorer - exceptionally smart drillhole presentation and plotting

Downhole Explorer

Downhole Explorer is an exceptionally smart drillhole presentation and plotting program with many innovative features. On-line tutorials and wizards make the program extremely easy to use. For example, the document wizard makes it possible for the first time user to build an entire project complete with section plots and log sheets in a matter of minutes.

Downhole Explorer Webinar

View the Download Explorer Webinar to see the software in action. (45 mins)

Downhole Explorer Webinar  

Downhole Explorer is database independent and is designed to work with your existing data management software. Changes and additions made to the source data files or tables are automatically reflected in all plots. When a new hole is added to the database, or a hole is re-surveyed, just open the Downhole Explorer document to view the updates.

The program is capable of handling any form of downhole data from virtually any source and allows the user to import any number of interval logs (properties defined over From-To intervals) and depth logs (properties defined at specified depths). Geophysical, hydrogeological, mineralogical and geomechanical data can be imported, combined and displayed with the same ease as standard geochemical and lithological logs.


Data can be presented in many different forms including table, section, plan, 3D and log views. Every aspect of the views is fully customizable.

Downhole Explorer's multi-view, multi-window, multi-document interface allows you to tailor the display to your precise needs. Views are linked allowing selections made in one to be displayed in all other linked views. Selections can be made directly in table, section or log views with the pointer, or you can use the Compositor Tool to navigate and interrogate the data:

  • One project document contains all section and hole log plots for easy document management.

  • Each section view defines a complete family of sections (from a single dialog) which span the entire extents of the data.
  • The section master feature allows the same section definition to be viewed in multiple windows with different view and format settings.
  • Plot and page settings, including paper size and orientation, are defined independently for each view.
  • Page layout is styled like a Microsoft Word document with draggable margins and borders.

  • Report, table, section, plan, rotated section, 3D and log sheet views
  • Linked views - selecting samples in one view selects in all

  • Can have multiple views on a page at the same time, including a mixture of log and section views
  • Customized tables with graphical column formatting
  • Customized log sheets with user selected column, header and footer sections
  • One document contains all section and log plots
  • One section view defines complete family of sections
  • One log view defines all holes in project
  • Section master permits same section to be viewed in multiple windows
  • Pick sections interactively by center point or end points
  • Exaggerate section views in X, Y or Z
  • Add outlines or other interpreted features to the view.

  • Paper size and orientation defined independently for each view

  • Page Layout and Normal view modes
  • Draggable page margins and borders
  • Standard ISO and US sheet sizes
  • Metric and Imperial scaling
  • Text box, title block, scale bar, legend, profile box and clip art plot items
  • Smart plot items adjust automatically to changes in view and plot settings
  • Plot items can be inserted into title boxes, eg scale bars and bitmaps
  • Automatic plot item in section views to show downhole columns
  • Set column display formats in section views using style templates
  • Drag and drop plot editing
  • Copy and paste plot items from one page to another and to other open documents
  • Color, pattern and texture fill legends
  • Extensive drillhole trace and column formatting controls
  • Import and display 3D objects from CAD and geological modeling packages
  • Independent labelling of these 3D objects
  • Import and display topography surface models as intersection profiles
  • Insert parameter surface models (soil sampling, magnetic surveys etc) and view as intersection profiles
  • Smart plot items can be inserted into any plot which automatically reflect changes made to the section and view settings

  • Interactive drillhole compositor
  • Compositing can be set to use Length Weighting or Length x Specific Gravity Weighting
  • Save selected intervals to intersections table

  • Digitize section interpretations
  • Format polygons with color or pattern fill legends
  • Report tables that show validation errors are automatically updated if you edit the data i.e. fix the errors

Other types of data from CAD and geological modeling packages can be imported and displayed in any section, plan or 3D view using a variety of formatting and rendering options. Surface parameter models created by various surface modeling packages can be displayed in profile boxes which display the intersection profile between the section and the surface.

"Downhole Explorer has stood above its competitors during our review of drillhole display software. It offers excellent database connectivity (in particular to our corporate database), an interface other software should aspire to, and a combination of features with real depth. Importantly, it is very realistically priced. We anticipate using Downhole Explorer extensively"
Stephen Winter, Principal Geologist - Computing Services, Pasminco Exploration, Melbourne, Australia.

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