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MARSĀ® - Visualize, manage, and analyze LIDAR point cloud data

MARS® - Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing Software

The MARS® software package is a comprehensive Windows application for visualizing, managing, processing, and analyzing LiDAR point cloud data.

Unlimited data capacity
MARS has an unlimited data loading capacity for airborne, terrestrial, and mobile LiDAR data sets. Use on-the-fly data decimation or view the entire data set.

Speedy Data Crunching with 4 CPU's and 64-bit Processing

MARS software is optimized for fast data handling with the option to use up to 4 CPU's and native 64-bit versions. 32-bit Windows machines are also supported.


Compare LiDAR, Imagery, and GIS Data
Compare your collected LiDAR data with orthophoto or multispectral imagery and GIS vector (line) data and grid data.

Analyze Terrestrial LiDAR
View LiDAR data collected from a ground source.

View Mobile LiDAR Data
Display the data collected from a mobile LiDAR unit.

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